Wounded Child Archetypes

Name the wound. Shed the lie. Free the soul.




Shed False Identities

Are you spinning in busyness, drowning in overwhelm or paralyzed by perfectionism?

Do you sometimes feel like a sinking ship, but can't find where the leak of time, peace, aliveness, and fulfillment is? You don't need 7 years in therapy. There's a simpler way.

Take the Wounded Child Archetypes (WCA) assessment to identify your top 3 archetypes so you can name the wound, shed the lie and free the soul.

Then download the WCA guidebook for perpetuating behaviours to stop and integration practices to cultivate. You can alchemize wounds into gifts and free yourself, then free the world! ⤵︎


Name the wound. Shed the lie. Free the soul.


Olivia owns a leadership academy, but her "I am too much" child prevents her from hiring support, so she burns out.

Wendy has a publishing deal, but the "I am unsafe" child paralyses her fingers and duct tapes her mouth.

Malia has 110,000 subscribers, and makes over six-figures, but her "I am insufficient" child won't let her rest or take a vacation.

Explore 12 Wounded Child Archetypes

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Wounded Child Archetypes - Guidebook v1.6 - Cover

Articulate Your Identity

Hi, I'm Ellany, your Phoenix Whisperer, Guide to Grace and Tuning Fork. 

When a women is held safe, genuinely cherished and fiercely championed, she can unleash her genius and free the world.

I know firsthand about having wounds. In fact, I have 12 out of 12 of the Wounded Child archetypes. Sigh. I know that you too have wounds, but you are not your wounds. That's why I created a modernized, simplified assessment and guidebook for you to maturate and integrate your identity, free from patriarchal conditioning.

This 72-question assessment (~ 10 min) was handmade with love, for you my fellow overachiever, warrior, freedom seeker, entrepreneur and way shower. ⤵︎


Name the wound. Shed the lie. Free the soul.

The first forty years of childhood are the hardest.

Unleash Your Freedom

Wounded Child Archetypes is voted one of the top modules every year. It's part of our Unleash Your Freedom signature masterclass that frees your genius so it can free the world.

For the modern freedompreneur, think of it as spiritual warrior training to unleash your genius, brand, and masterclass, with courage and grace.


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... then free the world.

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