I imagine a world where...

... every person feels cherished and championed to unleash their genius, so that it lightens and frees the world. ⤵︎

Freedompreneurship is entrepreneurship as a spiritual quest to free your genius so it frees the world. It invites you to:

sublime courage


to truest self

your innocence

through joy and play

The Tao of Creativity

Ever wonder how inspiration (an idea) turns into actualization (a product)? Or more importantly, why it doesn’t

Ever felt like you’re living with foot on the gas pedal, but handbrake on? Have the heart of a champion but just can't seem to break through and triumph?

Creativity and success follow a tao [], a path from chakra to chakra. Any blockages between chakras can abort creativity.

⬅ Discover what these creativity blockages are!

Dear Overachiever,

I know you've known adversity, despair, loneliness and loss, for being too daring, too different, too much... and not enough. I know you've felt the pressure, and sometimes "failure", to become the best white man you were told to be.

Here is your one and precious chance to: remember, retune, and reclaim your freedom. You will not lose your drive by slowing down. You will not lose your ambition by doing less. You will not lose your capacity to achieve by letting go. I promise you.

In our coaching sanctuary, you are cherished and championed to free your genius so it frees the world.

You've got this, and I've got you. 🌹


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We know something is bad for us. But here we are, doing it again. We know something is good for us. But here we are, not doing that thing. Why? Because mind-knowing (conceptually) is not enough for transformation. We need the heart-knowing (emotionally), body-knowing (experientially) and soul-knowing (transcendentally) as a full set for sustained change.

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Hero Headers 9 Year Cycle

The 9 Year Growth Cycles

When you flow with the natural cycles of growth, you feel lighter and more at peace. When forcing against them, it feels like hugging a cactus or walking on porcupines. What will you chose: peace or porcupine?

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Unleash Your Freedom

Unleash Your Freedom is our signature program for the modern freedompreneur. Think of it as spiritual warrior training to unleash your genius, your brand, and your masterclass, gracefully and joyfully.

Part 1


Free yourself...

Part 2


... free your business...
Part 3


... then free the world.

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Just because you can doesn't mean you should.
– Ellany Lea