Branding with Sacred Archetypes

A modernized and simplified guidebook for overachievers and warriors seeking an answer to "Who am I?"


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Modernized. Simplified. For women. By women.

Once Harmonious Brand

Unsure how to express who you truly are? Need guidance on how to articulate a clear "why" (purpose), an original "how" (approach) and a precise "what" (offer)?

Have a bad case of throat chakra paralysis or verbal diarrhea?

Feeling lost or overwhelmed by how to weave your soul, genius, business brand, offers and programs under one harmonious brand?

Take the Branding with Sacred Archetypes (BSA) assessment to identify your top 2 brand archetypes.

Then download the BSA guidebook for succinct keywords to discern and wave your brand statement. ⤵︎



Explore 12 Brand Archetypes

EL-Branding-Sacred-Archetypes-Guidebook-Innocent-P1  EL-Branding-Sacred-Archetypes-Guidebook-Sage-P1  EL-Branding-Sacred-Archetypes-Guidebook-Explorer-P1  EL-Branding-Sacred-Archetypes-Guidebook-Maverick-P1  EL-Branding-Sacred-Archetypes-Guidebook-Alchemist-P1  EL-Branding-Sacred-Archetypes-Guidebook-Heroine-P1  EL-Branding-Sacred-Archetypes-Guidebook-Lover-P1  EL-Branding-Sacred-Archetypes-Guidebook-Jester-P1  EL-Branding-Sacred-Archetypes-Guidebook-Humanitarian-P1  EL-Branding-Sacred-Archetypes-Guidebook-Nurturer-P1  EL-Branding-Sacred-Archetypes-Guidebook-Ruler-P1  EL-Branding-Sacred-Archetypes-Guidebook-Artist-P1  


Wordsmith Your Identity

Hi, I'm Ellany, your Phoenix Whisperer, Guide to Grace and Tuning Fork. 

I know how terrifying identity re-invention can be. I've made 16 of them! From personal experience to thousands of conversations with women on identity, I offer you a simplified, modernized guidebook to wordsmith "Who am I?"

Each archetype has a sacred contract, mission, core belief, magnetic essence, talents, motivations, and shadow traits.

This 108-question assessment (~ 15 min) was handmade with love, for you my fellow overachiever, warrior, freedom seeker, entrepreneur and way shower. ⤵︎

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Modernized. Simplified. For women. By women.

Just because you can doesn't mean you should.
– Ellany Lea

Unleash Your Freedom

Branding with Sacred Archetypes is voted top module every year. It's part of our Unleash Your Freedom signature masterclass that frees your genius so it can free the world.

For the modern freedompreneur, think of it as spiritual warrior training to unleash your genius, brand, then masterclass, with courage and grace.


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... then free the world.

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