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You know to work smarter, not harder, but here you are burning the midnight oil... again.

You know to stay present and let flow lead, but here you are frantically juggling 800 balls of fire... again.

You know to embody your worth, but here you are letting others trample all over your boundaries... again.

Whyyyyyy?!? 😫  I know this. So WTF! Why again?!?agine a world where...

The Clunk

It turns out, there are 4 types of knowing: mind-knowing, heart-knowing, body-knowing, and soul-knowing. When we only have one type, let's say mind-knowing, then we conceptually understand, but the rest of us has not quite boarded the behavioural change train. 

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I loooooove witnessing "the clunk" in my coaching clients, that nano-instant when they've collected a full set of knowing, all four types. Their mind understood and their heart comprehended and their body experienced and their soul remembered.

Mind Knowing

Mind-knowing is where the mind understands, conceptually. It sounds like, "Yeah, I know, but..."

It's also known as an "aha moment" or a mind-blowing nugget of insight, "What?!? That's even a thing!?!" 🤯.  It feels like a puff of air, from a DSLR camera cleaning blower, inside your mental consciousness. In creativity circles, we call it a visitation from inspiration / genius / The Muses.

Our mind was graced by wisdom that it didn't have before or a perspective shift that it couldn't see before.

At this stage of human evolution, mind-knowing is often, but not necessarily, the first doorway into collecting a full set of knowing. Mind-knowing alone rarely leads to behavioural or identity change.

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Heart Knowing

Heart-knowing is where the heart comprehends, emotionally. For above the line emotions, it feels like a poof of warm nectar blooming inside your chest. For below the line emotions, it feels like taking off ice skates / high heels after 9 hours in the frosty cold.

It's like the pressure release valve to our mind-heart-body-soul system. With heart-knowing, there is emotional liberation and radical acceptance.

Our heart was graced by truth and healing that it didn't feel before.

Most of the time, it involves the playing out of Sacred Contracts with other people or communities. Our hearts rarely reach this level of comprehension without those relationship dynamics, however gnarly to sacred.


Body Knowing

Body-knowing is where the body experiences, viscerally. It's an event or series of events that our human body actually lived through, at a cellular memory level.

It's also known as somatic experiencing. Body-knowing can feel like slow motion and lives in our bone marrow as permanent quietude. For above the line emotions, it feels like butter melting on a skillet (we are the butter). For below the line emotions, it feels like we shoved a fork into the city's central power plant.

Either way, our body was grace by a thawing of fight, flight, freeze and/or fawn state(s) that it was stuck in. Painful? Yes. Healable? Thank f*ck, yes!

This is THE most challenging knowing to collect, especially if we've experienced trauma (the body keeps score) and/or our upper chakras are much more developed than our lower chakras. 


Soul Knowing

Soul-knowing is where the soul remembers what it already knew. It's more like a memory than a new insight. It eventually sounds like, "Oh, THAT's what the gurus were talkin' about..." It looks like an invisible, radiant peace / mastery beaming from our core.

It's also called modern enlightenment or human illumination. It feels like an all-encompassing nothingness, like ever-moving stillness, like expansive void, like eternal timelessness. There are very few words to describe this knowing, only metaphors.

Our soul was graced by re-connection with Universal Consciousness, after the signal was lost on the turbulent incarnation flight into human form.

This is THE simplest knowing because we just know, period. No EDM disco balls, no research white paper, no healing ritual in the jungle, just certainty of knowing. And yet this is THE most challenging knowing for humans to attain or name because there are so many invisible, mystical, even karmic forces at play.

The who, what, when, where, why and how of soul-knowing cannot be controlled, manufactured or manipulated. When 2 to 10,000 things in your life converge to an inflexion point, the soul-knowing just kinda happnes.


Recollecting and Reclaiming

When I first started freedompreneurship (which I didn't even know I was doing), I felt like Super Mario 3 (from the original Nintendo). I'd collect mushrooms to grow bigger, leaves to run and fly, stars for immunity, and flutes to travel worlds. My favourites were: the Tanooki suit to become tail-whippin' badass and invincible, and Jugem's cloud to skip a level.

I was on a quest to find treasures outside myself. Freedompreneurship, ie entrepreneurship as a spiritual quest, opened my eyes to my journey of collecting the treasures inside myself.

These treasures, ie these 4 types of knowings, got scattered all over the Earth when I incarnated. And now, through the vehicle of building, growing and sustaining my coaching business, I was on an inner voyage to re-collect and re-claim all these knowings.

I wish children didn't have to spend their entire adulthood recovering from their childhood.
– Ellany Lea

It saddens my heart that we once knew The Truth, and have to expend ENORMOUS amounts of energy, money, time and devotion to reclaim all that was lost. I wish children didn't have to spend their entire adulthood recovering from their childhood.

But once we do, we become whole... and freed... and our presence automatically liberates others.

If you are willing to enact courage, practice, curiosity, practice, surrender, practice, perseverance, and practice, there will come a day when you too are whole. Complete. Done. Arrived. The clunk has no words. Just clunk. With a mic drop, for effect 🎤.

No more therapy, no more self-development junkie, no more seeking and not having, no more nauseating roller-coasters of hope and despair. Just knowing. Just peace. Just freedom. All that is left is... enjoyment of your days.

Live fierce and free,

xo, Ella

(First Published Jun 19, 2019)


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