A wounded child archetype is a set of traits and behaviours acquired in childhood from parental or cultural conditioning that falsely defined who you truly are.

False Identities to Release

🗝 I don’t matter

🗝 I am not important

🗝 I am invisible


Do you recognize these symptoms or behaviors that perpetuate the wound?

🌀  Live in chronic stress / fear that it’s dangerous to be seen (eg. I’ll be burnt at the stake or hacked down to size).

🌀  Shy, always redirect focus on others to hide true self, worth, and/or power.

🌀  Unable not to give to others, even if at my own expense, exhaustion or annihilation.

🌀  Overwork and rarely create sustainable systems to fulfill my deepest needs / desires.

🌀  Wait passively for someone to “discover” me, as if waiting for permission to be me.

🌀  Feel lost or disappear self when not given a designated role in a room.

🌀  Chronically frustrated at not being able to impact others in the way(s) I know I can.

Ellany Lea - Wounded Child Archetypes - Unsafe - Gifts of the Wound


Integration Practices

If you do recognize yourself in these archetypes, here are some practices to maturate and integrate that wounded child.

🌹 Initiate my own authentic leadership without waiting for others to invite me.

🌹 Deeply listen to and trust my inner guidance, knowing my worth and that I matter.

🌹 Prioritize my own my well being, fill my own cup before giving from my overflow.

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Wounded CHild Archetypes Assessment


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