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12 Brand Archetypes to Succinctly Articulate "Who am I?"

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Comprehensive. Modernized. Simplified.
For women. By women.


Once Harmonious Brand

Unsure how to articulate who you truly are and what you offer? Have a bad case of word diarrhea or throat chakra paralysis?

Lost or overwhelmed by how to weave your soul, talents, business, offers, message, website, newsletter and social media under one cohesive umbrella, one harmonious brand?

Please don't barricade yourself in a Himalayan monastery for a year to find the words.

There's a simpler way.

Take the Branding with Sacred Archetypes assessment to identify your top 2 brand archetypes based on alignment with your soul's Sacred Contracts.

Then download the BSA guidebook for succinct keywords to wordsmith who you truly are, including your 3 magnetic essence, 3 guiding talent, 7 shadow traits to avoid, and so much more! ⤵︎

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Wordsmith Your Identity

Hi, I'm Ellany, success coach, modern mystic and digital nomad Yoda.

I crafted a simplified quiz and guidebook for women, by women. It'll guide you to articulate and wordsmith "Who am I?" with clarity.

These 108 lightning questions (~ 15 min) are not for the faint of heart, but handmade for you, my fellow founder, overachiever, self-development junkie, entrepreneur, and freedom seeker. ⤵︎

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Comprehensive. Modernized. Simplified.
For women. By women.


Unleash Your Masterclass

Branding with Sacred Archetypes is part of Unleash Your Masterclass, our signature program to alchemize the depth + beauty of your soul into a meaningful masterclass, gracefully.

Part 1 • Create the Master
A quest of spiritual authenticity, emotional freedom and mental peace

Part 2 • Create the business Lab
A quest of brand originality, daring leadership and product sequencing

Part 3 • Create the Masterclass
A quest of creative freedom, financial prosperity, and meaningful legacy

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