Unleash Your Freedom

Unleash Your Genius.

Unleash Your Brand.

Unleash Your Masterclass.

Are you struggling with...

Time Leakage

Are time, opportunities, ideas and impact slipping through your fingers?

Drowning Genius

Is your genius drowning in your identity crises, creative pursuits and to-do lists?

Analysis Paralysis

Are you lost in the maze of too many choices and not sure where to go next?

Swirling Madness

Are you forcing the gas pedal with handbrake on, start-stopping in circles?

Wisdom Hoarding

Are you buried under yeeeeeears of hoarded books, tools, teachings, and research, but not sure why?

Unclear Calling

Did you survive a "Dark Night of the Soul" and are now called to guide others, but not sure how? 

Creative Chaos

Do you have a longing or sudden urge to create something meaningful, but not sure what?

Inner War

Are you yanked in every direction, at war with yourself (and/or others)?

Show me the depth and beauty of your soul and  I'll show you freedom.
– Ellany Lea

Art by komedian

Program Outcomes

Unleash Your Freedom is a high touch, customized enrichment and training program that alchemizes the depth and beauty of your soul into fulfilling impact and lifestyle freedom.

It's your evolution from freedom seeker to liberator! Arrive as an entrepreneur. Graduate as a freedompreneur.

Time Freedom

Feel spacious and free, having reclaimed your time, peace, sovereignty, and lifestyle freedom.

Renewed Identity

Feel shiny and new again, having integrated mind, heart, body and soul, into a true, whole, harmonious self.


Feel alive and inspired, having reclaimed creative permission, flow, and a sustainable path to success.

Confident Success

Feel delighted and satisfied, having embodied self-worth, self-validation, and the 4 Types of Knowing.

Masterful Impact

Feel fierce and fulfilled, having captured your Knowing into a masterclass and/or global movement.

Complete Alchemy

Feel triumphant relief, having alchemized wounds into wisdom by completing a meaningful creative pursuit.

Brand Clarity

Feel expanded and uplifted, having imprinted your sacred purpose and original brand on the world.

Inner Mastery

Feel peaceful and grounded, having built your business by way of joy, grace and spiritual intelligence.

Let's free your genius,
so it frees the world!


Fierce + Free Grads


Part 1


As a creative trailblazer, who am I? 

Ellany attunes to your unique genius and custom selects tools to liberate, clarify, and enrich it.


Identify the dynamics between parts to dissolve inner conflicts and be decisive


Restructure time and priorities for joy, spaciousness, and creative flow


Recalibrate behaviours from ego-driven to soul-lead for more ease

Wounded Child

Shed the wounded identities and free the soul to meet its calling


Shift from externally imposed to internally authentic values and be magnetic

Wall of

Boost self-worth, raise confidence and celebrate greatness


Connect with my Inner Sage and use Sacred Contracts to clarify purpose


Conquer self-sabotage to increase positive intelligence and reclaim power

Memory Purge

Shed negative money memories to make space for prosperity

Part 2


As a freedom seeker, who am I here to liberate?

Ellany attunes to your unique brand and custom selects tools to liberate, clarify, and enrich it.


Use stories to identify recurring themes and clarify purpose


Articulate my unique contribution and impact to attract the right people


Develop a quality over quantity mindset to create high-value products for lifestyle freedom

Branding With  Archetypes

Define my unique business approach to confidently own my originality

Mood Board

Visually capture my business identity to align all branding and communication decisions

Ideal Client
Avatar • Part 1

Clearly name my ideal client to focus on the right-fit audience

Dream Team

Recruit the right-fit Dream Team for sustained success and long-term freedom

Ideal Client
Avatar • Part 2

Efficiently filter out wrong-fit and filter in right-fit people to increase conversion rate

Branding Deck

Assemble a concise deck to effortlessly communicate a consistent on-brand message

Part 3


As a lifelong learner, what am I here to teach?

Ellany attunes to your unique masterclass and custom selects tools to liberate, clarify, and enrich it.

Tao of Creativity

Understand the path of creativity and turn inspiration (an idea) into actualization (a product)

Wisdom Inventory

Structure and alchemize inner wisdom to assemble a transformational teaching toolbox

Masterclass Outline

Distill the Wisdom Inventory to design an outline for a teachable and impactful masterclass

The Matrix of Fears

Journey through the fear labyrinth to exit faster and free up creative energy

Project Conducting

Organize, track, and delegate tasks to enjoy the creation & production marathon

Freedom Calculator

Set sweet-spot prices that yield high time freedom and profit

Curriculum Development

Dive into modules creation to produce a hands-on learning guide

The 4 Types of Knowing

Discern and apply 4 types of knowing to boost worthiness, confidence, and self-ownership

Masterclass Pride Rock

Test-drive the unveiling of a masterclass in a safe and celebratory space

Let's free your genius,
so it frees the world!


Rivers need banks to flow.
If you are the river, we are your banks.
– Ellany Lea

Enrollment Options




"Fly Solo"

Unleash Your Freedom Masterclass






Curriculum • Self-paced

 Best for • Initiating freedom mindset and structures 



air traffic control co-pilot

"Rent a Guide"

Unleash Your Freedom Masterclass
7x Coaching Sessions
(45min via Zoom)
7x Check-ins (via Gdoc)

Frequency • As needed

Duration • Valid for 12 months

Time Slot • Book on e-calendar

Curriculum • Custom tailored

 Best for • Boosting clarity and direction on specific topics 🐇




"Rent a Co-founder"

Unleash Your Freedom Masterclass
18x Coaching Sessions
(45min Zoom)
18x Check-ins (via Gdoc)

Frequency • Every 2-3 weeks

Duration • 9-12 months

Time Slot • Dedicated

Curriculum • Custom tailored

Best for • Completing or building large creative projects 🐢 

We don't have to do all of it alone.
We were never meant to.

Brené Brown

Meet Ellany

Ellany has lived and traveled in 131 countries and coached hundreds of overachievers, freedom seekers, entrepreneurs and way showers to free their genius, so that it frees the world.

With deep insights, high EQ, and vast spiritual agility, she guides you to navigate identity, creativity and freedompreneurship, gracefully and joyfully.

Unleash Your Freedom is the alchemy of:

  • a decade of intense, uninterrupted self-development, leadership, and spiritual intelligence training,
  • an Everest of wisdom from Ellany's 16 career re-inventions, 108 liberation tools, and 301 knowing reclamations.

More Grads!

Let's free your genius,
so it frees the world!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the enrollment and start dates?

Self-study • Enroll anytime / Start anytime
1-on-1 • Enroll anytime / Start 2 weeks later after Prep Pack completion

What's the time commitment?

You decide how much time/energy you want to invest into your freedom. At the minimum, you'll need:
• 30min to read through each assigned module
• 45min for 1-on-1 sessions
• however long it takes to complete our co-created mini-quests

What does the program feel like?

Part 1 feels like fierce reclamation "This is me!"
Part 2 feels unleashed phoenix "Let go!"
Part 3 feels like olympic champion "That was so cool!"

Can I join the program again?

Of course! Grads have returned for timeless tools, graceful guidance and joyful renewals. Ask Ellany for a Grad Coupon.

What if I can't attend a coaching session?

Out of courtesy to our Fierce and Free Community, we ask for a 48hr notice to reschedule your session. We will allow exceptions for dire emergencies.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

No need for that. Ellany will only invite you to enroll if you score a 92% match or higher. Our top two values are: freedom and integrity. You are free to choose in alignment with your soul.