Freedom Fundamentals

To Free Your Genius so that It Frees the World

Are you a globetrotting Overachieving Woman Entrepreneur?

Are you a founder, overachiever, freedom seeker, self-development junkie, old soul, entrepreneur or freedompreneur:

Hoarding Wisdom?

(but unsure why)

Called to Rise?

(but unsure how)

Too Many Ideas?

(but unsure what)

Scattered Creativity?

Feeling OverwhelMed?

Losing Time?

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Introducing 12 freedom fundamentals to guide you from a frantic one-woman-show to a joyful freedompreneur. Are you ready to grow from freedom seeker to liberator? ⤵︎

Freedom FUndamentals

Can you imagine being soooooo free that your presence in a room automatically liberates others? We can. 

Freedom Fundamentals was born from that belief and is the foundational course for Unleash Your Freedom, our signature masterclass that frees your genius so it frees the world. This course prepares the modern freedompreneur for a spiritual quest to:

sublime courage


to truest self

your innocence

through joy and play

Freedom Fundamentals Masterclass

Here are the 12 freedom fundamentals that will evolve you from frantic one-woman-show to joyful freedompreneur, from freedom seeker to liberated liberator.


The function of freedom is to free others.
– Toni Morrison

Enroll in Freedom Fundamentals

Introducing 12 freedom fundamentals to guide you from a frantic one-woman-show to a joyful freedompreneur. Are you ready to grow from freedom seeker to liberator? ⤵︎

  • Ellany Lea

    “Ella gave me her 100% and genuinely held me throughout the creation process and saw my magnificence when I could not. She is resilient, she gets me, she is always there, fun to work with, a source of strength, ideas, business advice and a faithful companion on whatever journey needs to happen.

    She has this playful, wise, kickass energy about her that is just a delight to work with! Always insightful, motivating, cheering, going deep and transformative in her unique, blended ways that don't hold anything back of what she lived, learned, and felt as she did all the work herself first!”

    Founder + Chief Fire Igniter, Driftwood

  • Ellany Lea

    “Working with Ella has been one of the best personal and business decisions I have ever taken. I had been running my coaching practice for over 3 years, and was close to burn out. I love my work but found it challenging to define and honor my time and boundaries. Ella helped me liberate my genius so that I can create the impact I want to AND live the life of freedom I yearn.”

    Executive Coach, Marya Leadership Academy

  • Ellany Lea

    “I feel so much more focused and clear. I decide! I decide who, what, when. I've given myself full permission to rest and live and put myself first. One of the greatest things you had me do was collect testimonials and see for myself how amazing and capable I am. Thank you for guiding me along the way. You've given me confidence and a soft place to land.

    Our fast-track day was exactly what I needed. So much got done! It was so simple, I love how clearly laid out my business is, and I feel sooo much lighter. Sitting down with you helped me get clear on how I make decisions with my time, energy and direction. I am planned and secure! I am capable of freedom! I am not alone on my island, but Queen of my world!”

    Elite Fitness Trainer + Reiki Practitioner, Whole Life 360

  • Ellany Lea

    “Ella has unique abilities to adapt, reflect and help others see what they don't see yet. She is a master in what she does, and helped me see what was needed next, step by step, with a warm and kind support, guidance, tools and structure.

    I would recommend anyone who wants to create a program online to reach out to Ella. She walks her talk, meet you where you are, liberating what needs to be liberated and is able to take you where you are meant to go. She is an amazing liberator! Thank you Ella! ”

    Leadership Coach + Truth Seeker

  • Ellany Lea

    “Ella is my brilliant business fairy godmother. With massive smarts and experience — and a light heart — she helped me navigate my way to a business strategy that’s a uniquely perfect fit for me. It’s not only streamlined and simplified, it’s also bigger and more soulful than I’d imagined it could be.”

    Founder + Coach, The Courage Agency

  • Ellany Lea

    “Sooooo much has unfolded for me (and still is, and shall continue to) since our fast-track day. You truly unlocked the next level for me to go deeper - trust myself, trust the universe, seek my inner voice and listen to myself. I'm just getting started!

    You especially guided me to let things unfold at the pace they’re meant to. Thank you, deeply.”

    Owner + Director, Big Sky Strategy

Meet Ellany Lea

Ellany-Lea-Profile-circleHi, I'm Ellany, and I'll be your master guide to freedom.

Having lived and traveled in 131 countries, I've guided hundreds of women just like you to free your genius, so that it frees the world!

I feel overjoyed to share with you the 12 fundamentals of freedom that all of them have in common, including:

  • my two decades and $200,000 of self- and brand development, and
  • wisdom from my 16 career identity re-inventions.

I invite you into my sanctuary, where you are cherished and championed to navigate identity, creativity and lifestyle freedom, joyfully.

She trespassed everywhere is our community motto. Let's trespass everywhere, together!



To unleash your genius, your brand, and your masterclass with soul, impact and profit, you first need a solid foundation. Otherwise, your time and work will blow away like a house of cards.

The taller the skyscraper, the deeper the foundation.

These 12 freedom fundamentals will guide you to unleash the depth and beauty of you soul and alchemize them into living fierce and free!

1. Know what type of freedom matters to you before you go chasing it

2. Understand the nature and perils of a quest so you know in advance what is to come

3. Ditch patriarchy and walk toward ease, peace, joy, truth and trust 

4. Do the right things in the right order to arrive at freedom destination

5. Re-integrating the feminine with the masculine so you arrive whole

6. Recalibrate your definitions of success so your lifestyle matches your soulprint

7. Trust and surrender to your unfolding so actualize your sacred contract

8. Evolve from freedom seeker to liberator so you become a teacher/guide for others

9. Stop hoarding your wisdom. Release it, teach it, deepen it.

10. Allow organic iterations to grow and add the 'master' to masterclass

11. Understand the paths and roadblocks of creativity so you unleash your masterclass

12. Illuminate all the shadow faces of fear so you are freed from egoic illusion


Enroll in Freedom Fundamentals

Introducing 12 freedom fundamentals to guide you from a frantic one-woman-show to a joyful freedompreneur. Are you ready to grow from freedom seeker to liberator? ⤵︎

  • Ellany Lea

    “I have done B-School and other mentoring programs and none has set me up for success like Ella's program. She has given me not only the practical guidance on how to get my nutrition business on its way to becoming a thriving practice, but also the inner skills I need to navigate myself, my time and the world around me. That in itself is priceless.

    I am so grateful you had me do all the inner work before hand. I now have everything I need right here. I feel like I can rock this now. Wanted to say an extra thanks, Ella!”

    Nutrition Expert + TV Personality, Nourished

  • Ellany Lea

    “I reached out to Ellany when I was just about to give up on the career I had spent 10+ years building. I wanted some help figuring out my life while getting out of the prolonged state of hopelessness I was in. Just after two months, Ellany had me jumping with excitement about tomorrow with tons of tools I started using right away to prevent future burnouts. She's magic!”

    Senior Advisor, UN Panel on Digital Cooperation

  • Ellany Lea

    “Ella helped me dig deep, face my fears and find my own voice. She showed me that doing things differently is possible and that I can build my dream lifestyle, one day a time. I learnt self-compassion is a powerful tool. Thank you Ella for reconnecting me with myself!

    Working with Ella helped me rise stronger after some setbacks. I was able to shift my old mindset to a new one: freer, younger, more authentic and wild. I am now more confident. I learnt how to honor my inner sparkle by honoring my time: setting boundaries, blocking time, listening to real resonance, filtering feedbacks. I decide.”

    Founder + Fashion Designer, Sunvibes Collective

  • Ellany Lea

    “Our fast-track day was intense and full of energy and light at the same time. I got great self-awareness of my being and what I want for myself.

    I wrote down everything that I know and created my road maps and my new programs. I brought to reality what before was just a dream. I feel in alignment with myself, knowing my worth and being present to what is here now and at the same time creating the next steps for the future.

    You bring structure, presence, and peace. I feel you as an "anchor of my boat" that helps me to be clear and grounded and also to navigate my waves in a more confident way. Thank you for being with me in this journey!”

    Founder, DestinationYou Leadership

  • Ellany Lea

    “Ella is an inspiration and business doula! She is an allie who helps you give shape to your ideas and passion until they become a viable business product. Smart + heart = success.

    I’m proud of myself for even starting this whole journey! I’m generally the care giver in all other aspects of my life, so asking for help and inviting allies into my world has been life changing. It felt great to commit and follow through. I’ve been erasing some negative voices from the past through this process. The "Busyness Tracker" freed me from overwhelm! I’m back to my 10 year old mentality: I can do anything!!”

    Film Maker + Speaker, Murphy's Law

  • Ellany Lea

    “I learned that I'm not crazy. I can do this. I can go at my pace. It is possible to move from getting paid per hour to a more passive income model. I feel more at peace and confident with my life and business. I'm trusting that I can work less hours and still make enough money.”

    Studio Owner + Piano Teacher, Kristen's Piano Studio

Rivers need banks to flow.
If you are the river, we are your banks.
– Ellany Lea

Outcomes + Benefits

Freedom Fundamentals offers the essential wisdom to answer:

As a freedom seeker, who am I here to liberate?

As a creative trailblazer, why am I here?

As a lifelong learner, what am I here to teach?

True Confidence

Signature Brand

Inspired Masterclass

Time Freedom

Fulfilling Contribution

Liberated Leader

Enroll in Freedom Fundamentals

Introducing 12 freedom fundamentals to guide you from a frantic one-woman-show to a joyful freedompreneur. Are you ready to grow from freedom seeker to liberator? ⤵︎

  • Ellany Lea

    “I've spent many months gathering information from different sources and learning as much as I can to move my business forward and without a doubt, the last few hours I just spent with Ella helped me more than anything else I've done.

    Ella helped me get clarity on what I needed to do, how I was going to do it, and most importantly, why I was doing it! I now feel more confident and clear about how I am going to grow my business and I'm sooo excited that I can't stop smiling. ;)”

    Career + Leadership Consultant, The Talent Company

  • Ellany Lea

    “Through her coaching and mentoring, Ellany provided me:
    Simplicity - focusing in on my one big project of the year, instead of diluting on many smaller ones.
    Clarity - about hiring and soulful marketing, especially that becoming a boss-lady is brave, vulnerable work.
    Grace - it's normal to have waves of fatigue and important to do enormous amounts of self-care.
    A Safety Net - knowing I could always call Ellany and get more insight, more clarity, more grace.
    A Roadmap - seeing a clear path and the pieces that need to be in place for life-changing packages”

    Founder + Director of Training, Awaken Coaching Institute

  • Ellany Lea

    “Ella cracked open a lifelong block I had around saying the right thing all the time. And WOOSH my entire program was born that WEEK! She helped me sculpt webinars to deliver my new program to my ideal clients and create a website brand to match it.

    In no time I was boldly and authentically delivering my program and getting rave feedback! Total game-changer. Ella, you were my sanity, my inspiration and you tuned my compass back to myself. Thank you.”

    Truth Sleuth + Creator, DIY Destiny

  • Ellany Lea

    “Thank you for our AWESOME fast track day! I was stuck in a rut and in one day, you helped me to get to the bottom of why I was stuck, break it down, and create an implementable solution. You helped me to remember my vision for the business and use that as my frame of reference.

    You gave me really practical organizational and planning tools that I implemented immediately and are already making a big difference. The "Busyness Tracker" is a phenomenal way to plan out my time for the week, month and year. We accomplished so much in one day!”

    CEO + Founder, My Care Concierge

  • Ellany Lea

    “Ella delivered the academic, no-BS approach that I intuitively knew she would from the first few moments my eyes landed on her website. I have an existing nutrition practice and Ella met me where I was to leverage what I already created.

    I've gone from overscheduled, scattered, overwhelmed, and wrought with too many ideas to having the rest of this year and all of next year mapped out. And I have a much clearer sense of what to say "no" to, so that I can stay focused and productive. Invaluable.”

    Bestselling Author + Functional Nutrition Coach, Healthful Elements

  • Ellany Lea

    “If you're willing to be open and available, Ellany will match you in love and positivity. She has many tools within her arsenal to meet you where you're at and will adjust and flow accordingly. I started off needing one thing but as personal circumstances suggested otherwise, we worked on other things, which were just as needed.

    Aside from her tremendous business and leadership coaching skills, I would recommend Ellany particularly for her intuitive intelligence and tremendous sense of humour :)”

    Expressive Therapist + Yoga Teacher, Mind Body Solutions

We don't have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.
Brené Brown

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