Freedom Fundamentals

To free and renew an identity or business, gracefully and joyfully

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Before starting their coaching programs, every student/client completes Freedom Fundamentals, which includes 6 essential keys to freedom. ⤵︎

Freedom Fundamentals Roadmap


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humahuaca-colorful-breadDear Overachiever,

I know the cost of being too different, too daring, too brilliant. I know you thought you had to become the best white man you could be. I know you're fighting to break free from patriarchy, filial piety, and your own inner demons. I know 🌹.

You will not lose your drive by slowing down. You will not lose your ambition by doing less. You will not lose your capacity to achieve by letting go. I promise. Joy and freedom are your birthright. Let's free your genius so it frees the world!

xo, Ella

Why Freedom Fundamentals?

To live fierce and free, a freedompreneur must rise through the 4 Stages of Liberation.


Freedom Fundamentals Triple As


Stage 1 • Living in constant busyness and overwhelm is unconscious reaction.

Stage 2 • Taking an assessment or reading a blog activates awareness before action. This is response.

📍 You are here.

Stage 3 • Enrolling in Freedom Fundamentals activates the process of acceptance. This is choice.

Stage 4 • Completing Freedom Fundamentals stretches that acceptance into freedom.


Get your free head start!

Talk4TypesofKnowing - you are the fire - circle

To rise through liberation stages 3 and 4, enroll in Freedom Fundamentals.
I'll guide you every step of the way. ⤵︎

You're smart. You're capable. You're driven.

So why aren't you basking in free time, peaceful fulfillment and joyful lifestyle?

This is why ⤵︎


Unleash your creativity

Turn inspiration (an idea or calling) into actualization (a service or masterclass), by journeying through the Tao of Creativity to remove the blockages to your creativity.



Unleash your story

Reclaim the 4 Types of Knowing (mind + heart + body + soul knowing) one "Humpty Dumpty" piece at a time, to dissolve the blockages to realizing your potential.



Unleash your Vision

Assess the 10 Types of Freedom to know where you are and where you're going. "The price is high, the reward is great." – Maya Angelou



Unleash Your Genius

From Unleash Your Genius (Part 1), take the Wounded Child Archetypes test to name the wound, shed the lies, and free the soul. 



Sacred Brand ARchetypes

From Unleash Your Brand (Part 2), take the Branding with Sacred Archetypes test to break the rules, choose the truth, and free the biz.



Matrix of Fears

From Unleash Your Masterclass (Part 3), walk through the Matrix of Fears to face the fears, birth your work, and free the world.