Freedompreneurship and your signature masterclass are vehicles for tremendous creative freedom, fulfillment, prosperity, location-independence, and best of all, time freedom. So why don't you have all of the above yet?

In all likelihood, you've done the right things... but... in the wrong order. You may even have done aaaaaall the right things and built a team and hired full-time employees, but you are not fulfilled or free. Like I guide all my clients, "Now go do it in the right order."

We all fall into traps, by accident or by conditioning. It is NOT your fault. It's just what the masses taught us.

quote - don't blindly

Let's make these traps conscious, so we can all live fierce, fulfilled and free!

Trap • Patriarchy Demands...

Grace Re-Sequencing - Patriarchy

Patriarchy demands... that we work through blood, sweat and tears and whip ourselves ferociously with barbed wires. Unconsciously (and innocently), we churn out an offer that is stained with strife, terror and self-punishment. Yikes! Who would want to buy that?!?

(I once met a young gal who prided herself on "I eat hustle for breakfast!" It made me LIL (laugh in loud), "No wonder you look constipated and really unhappy." 😂)

Patriarchy then pounds us with, "Your offer sucks. Hustle more. Force harder. Bonus points if it's against the grain!" In such a beaten down state, of course our results are low. Patriarchy won: it booted us into the shame / burnout spiral: not smart enough, fast enough, productive enough, networked enough, etc.

And as we're spiralling down the drain, Patriarchy waves, "Don't forget: your efforts only count if they came from barbed whips and struggle." So if something was accomplished through inspiration or creative joy, it. does. NOT. count.

Trap • Perfectionism Demands...

Grace Re-Sequencing - Perfectionism

Perfectionism demands... the superhuman and the impossible. To Patriarchy's "Your offer sucks," Perfectionism raises, "And it will suck beyoooooond the end of time!!!" Perfectionism is so loud and pervasive that it replaces hustling with shame as our inner driver.

Shame shuts us down faster than Patriarchy can say, "Blood." This is the classic: failure to launch. Your creative genius never gets unleashed and your wisdom never shared.


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Liberation • Awakening whispers...

Grace Re-Sequencing - Awakening

Awakening whispers... "Know your truth." It turns every woman who has been punished by patriarchy inward, onto The Heroine's Journey to her reclamation, homecoming and soon-to-be graceful liberation.

She takes blood / sweat / tears out of the equation. She takes the reins and does things her way. She even experiences 5-figure months or 6-figure income in her first year in business. But it's still a bit of a roller coaster of feast and famine.

Through grit and grace, she accepts, "Ok. I need help. I need clarity. I need a unique brand with a clear message, if I want to sustain this revolution / business." So she undergoes a professional rebranding to capture the core identity of her business. (We do this using Branding with Sacred Archetypes.)

Confidence and sales increase... but something is missing, "Why isn't my reach / influence broader? Why isn't my impact deeper? What aren't my e-courses selling like hot cakes?" Lots of why questions emerge, amongst them "Why am I here?"

quote - people don't buy

So she goes down the rabbit hole of exploring and remembering her Why, her purpose. With her Purpose Statement in hand, she feels victorious... and yet unfulfilled... at the same time. Something is still missing.

Liberation • Grace Illuminates...

Grace Re-Sequencing - Grace

Grace illuminates... and reshuffles everything into the right order.

Grace invites us to first get clear and see, acknowledge and celebrate the depth and beauty of our soul. Then Grace pours that depth and beauty into our (for now or forever) Why / Vision / Purpose to organically inspire the right people to join our global movement. Then Grace articulates this Why through a unique How, an authentic business brand. Then from that original How, Grace births signature offers that are: soul-aligned, purpose driven, and on brand. This right order leads to effortless and abundant results plus a graceful and joyful journey to those results.

Then through the Power of Iterations, everything we do feeds back into soul-knowing "Who am I?" and continues to deepen and expand our Why, How, and What. 

This is how a freedom seeker transforms into a liberator, how e-courses transform into a masterclasses, and how entrepreneurship transforms into time freedom.

Top 4 Solopreneur Pitfalls

For women entrepreneurs transitioning to freedompreneurs, here are the top 4 solopreneur pitfalls I've witnessed in the last 9 years.


Power of Sequencing - lone wolf vs conductor

One-Woman Show • Whether from birth order (eldest daughter syndrome), residual Wounded Child Archetypes (Abandoned, Deprived, Unsafe, or Too Much), or Family of Origin conditioning to be the skyholder , women operate as lone wolves, indoctrinated to never ask for help nor receive help, even if it is freely given.

Burnout • She wears all the hats (CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, CTO, CHRO, CPO) as a solopreneur and burns herself out.

Support Team • When she has finally had enough ER visits (and/or irreparable adrenal damage, mandated bedrest, cancer in her feminine parts), then and only then will she surrender to hiring a support team. But because she's never been supported, she has no clue what trust, cherishing, championing, and synergy feel like. So she hires haphazardly. 

Overwhelm • Or worse, she hires people who feel familiar, ie people who made her feel abandoned, deprived, unsafe, or too much, and created the lone wolf in the first place. It's NOT her fault. A Dream Team alleviates the founder's burden. But a "Familiar Team" with gnarly fingers in the cookie jar of her business overwhelms her.

Sign up for Leadership • Her resistance to surrendering her solopreneur hats exacerbates the busyness and overwhelm. She is wise enough to know that the change must start with her, for her to have a thriving Dream Team. So she signs up for a year long leadership training.

Now do it in the right order • Heal / maturate your Wounded Child Archetypes --> Discern ego vs soul to know who is truly in charge --> From soul powered leadership build a Dream Team  --> Have sovereignty over evergreen and harmonious e-systems and teams --> Then you will experience repeatable success.

Power of Sequencing - outside in vs inside out



Power of Sequencing - conformity vs clarity



Power of Sequencing - busyness vs freedom

Do you see the Power of Sequencing? 

If you're a visionary founder, driven overachiever, trailblazing go-getter, or courageous entrepreneur, the compulsion to skip steps is blazing hot! 🔥 You wanted it all done not yesterday, but 9 years ago!!!

Even so, please don't skip steps or you'll end up having to redo many of the steps, but in the right order.

Sequencing matters. Imagine if your DNA was out of sequence! Oh boy! 😱 

quotes - just because you can


If you take away anything from the power of sequencing, I hope they are:

  1. STOP listening to the masochistic drill sergeant voice in your head. Just because we absorbed and internalized it from Patriarchy, doesn't mean we have to listen to it. In fact, we can purge it out.
  2. STOP swimming upstream. You are NOT a salmon!
  3. STOP prolonging your own suffering.


If given one match, a lantern, and a map, would you use the match to light the lantern to see the map... or use the match to burn the map and fumble in the dark.

Live fierce and free,

xo, Ella

(First Published May 1, 2019)


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