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The Mistake Child • Wounded Child Archetypes




 A wounded child archetype is a set of traits and behaviours acquired in childhood from parental or cultural conditioning that falsely defined who you truly are.

False Identities to Release

 🗝I am bad

 🗝I am wrong

 🗝I am a mistake


Do you recognize these symptoms or behaviors that perpetuate the wound?

 🌀Extremely high expectations of self/others to be good, perfect, altruistic at all times.

 🌀 Vacillate between extreme perfectionism and extreme rebellion/non-conformity.

 🌀 Take on others’ poor behavior as my own fault, enabling them to avoid personal responsibility and accountability.

 🌀 Act as heroic martyr who fixes problems (real or imaginary) in order to feel good about self and establish self-worth.

  🌀Suffer from all or nothing thinking, with little room for infractions by self / others.

  🌀Prone to comparing worst of self to best of others, thus reducing own worth.

  🌀Vacillate between victim “everything is my fault” and blame “everything is your fault”.

Ellany Lea - Wounded Child Archetypes - Unsafe - Gifts of the Wound


Integration Practices

If you do recognize yourself in these archetypes, here are some practices to maturate and integrate that wounded child.

 🌹Work smarter, not harder. Choose depth over speed. Pull back to launch forward.

 🌹Give self permission / time / space to dream big again from the depths of childhood innocence.

 🌹Only enter relationships that feel mutually supportive of each other’s fulfillment and success.

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Wounded CHild Archetypes Assessment


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