Danika co-creates the action that liberates the inner brilliance of overachieving superwomen. She is a liberator.

Her Many Hats

Leadership Coach / Change Agent / Cat Mom / World Traveler / Overachieving Superwoman

First moment of enlightenment

That not everybody has to like me.

F*ck this shit moment

I love that moment when you can finally quit a job that isn't serving you anymore. Freeeeeedoommmmm!

Cracks her up every time!

This elephant playing with a ribbon:

Books that transformed her life

E-Myth and the Desire Map, currently :)

About Her

One of the hardest moments of her life?

I failed out of theatre school when I was 17 - my first major and public failure. I spent the next ten years proving that I was good enough to make it in the film industry - before uncovering what I really loved: the study of human nature.

What used to terrify her?

Social Media Marketing. I hired an expert to teach me what to do.


I am an Activator, so my unique power is to help other people take action.

There is no roadmap on how to design a unique life all of your own.

Grateful to her top BFFs

Met them working at a promotional event, at a party, and at school. I want to thank them for being as real and transparent as they are.

Romantic partner?

Met on Bumble - but we were already Facebook friends ;)


About her Business

About her business (5 words or less)

Coaching dedicated overachievers towards greatness

Mastermind Topic

I am teaching one on July 20th! How to Design a Life you LOVE.

Biggest leap of faith taken in her business?

Quitting all my other myriad jobs and focusing in on creating a 1-1 coaching practice + learning how to create a sales process.

Most thrilling "high"? most challenging "low"?

High - I love to travel and take time off from my business and have impromptu trips with my fiance :)

Low - Taking on my business finances like a grownup has been the hardest challenge!

False advice being taught in her industry

That you haven't made it until you are a six-figure coach.

What does She need to do less of in Her business?

I need to do less apologizing.

How did she overcome her fear of selling?

I practiced "shutting up" after saying my price and asking "how does that sound?"

Hardest part about being a trailblazer?

There is no roadmap on how to design a unique life all of your own.

What's next for her?

I have a webinar coming up called Design a Life you LOVE!

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(First Published jul 17, 2018)