Brianna is a Social Worker / Researcher / Educator / Writer / Heart Coach / Dee-jay / Dancer / Spirited World Wanderer / Yogi / Feminist.

She's lived in ON, AB, Canada / USA / India / England / South Africa / Jamaica

On Face Your Fierce

  • How to know when something is right or wrong for us
  • How to rebuild our lives after everything we envisioned and created crumbles to the ground
  • What is Heart Rehab and why loving ourselfs is so important


Describe “the hardest year”?
2012: My whole world crashed and burned. I had to start over completely with a new vision.

What was the dumbest thing you ever did (or almost did) to fit in?
Stay in a relationship too long just because it made me look 'together'.

What is your longest standing regret?
Being ashamed of my 'unwed' status for too long. Resenting my 30s before I even got there.

What’s a “fuck yeah! I did it!” moment?
Putting my heart back together again! All on my ownsome!

Brianna Strumm is a social worker living in beautiful Ottawa. I’m also a heart coach, writer, instructor, researcher, yogi, dee-jay and spirited world wanderer. I’m unwed and in my mid-30s. This was not the life I imagined but is the life I am embracing. And discovering. And fighting. And loving. It’s complicated.

Off paper, she's a...die hard Bachelor fan. Yep, it's true.

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(First Published may 4, 2016)