A wounded child archetype is a set of traits and behaviours acquired in childhood from parental or cultural conditioning that falsely defined who you truly are.

False Identities to Release

🗝 I am not enough

🗝 I am unlovable

🗝 I am insufficient


Do you recognize these symptoms or behaviors that perpetuate the wound?

🌀  Rarely content because life is ruled by impossibly high standards of perfection.

🌀  Chronically over-give, over-do and over-compensate just to get the same success and/or validation as everyone else.

🌀  Organize life around duty and survival (eg. debt, clutter, barren home) rather than thriving (eg. beauty, joy, pleasure).

🌀  Imposter syndrome (fear / anxiety of being discovered as a fraud, freeze at key times).

🌀  Fear that if I shine too bright, I’ll be burnt at the stake or hacked to pieces again.

🌀  Chronically settle for less in relationships / situations (eg. dating losers or “out of my league” superstars who will leave me).

🌀  Believe that others get love, but I don’t or only if I’m the best at everything.  

Ellany Lea - Wounded Child Archetypes - Unsafe - Gifts of the Wound


Integration Practices

If you do recognize yourself in these archetypes, here are some practices to maturate and integrate that wounded child.

🌹 Mirror and validate my own existence as something precious, unique, lovable and of high value.

🌹 Cultivate the courage to say “no” (boundaries) and leave people / situations that bring me no joy.

🌹 Practice profound gratitude for all that I already have and all that I already am.

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Wounded CHild Archetypes Assessment


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