A wounded child archetype is a set of traits and behaviours acquired in childhood from parental or cultural conditioning that falsely defined who you truly are.

False Identities to Release

🗝 I am a mess

🗝 I can’t win

🗝 I am a failure


Do you recognize these symptoms or behaviors that perpetuate the wound?

🌀  Always say yes and take on more than I can handle, stressing self to the max.

🌀  Hide or fall off the face of the earth when I start to notice that I can’t meet all my promises.

🌀  Chronically procrastinate, poor follow-through (eg. missed deadlines, late fees).

🌀  Often feel guilty for not keeping my word and disappointing others (eg. forgetful, running late, disorganized, no show).

🌀  Wait until it’s too late to communicate my needs for support or clarity.

🌀  Try and try, work harder and harder and can never seem to get ahead.

🌀  Rarely take time to celebrate my accomplishments.

Ellany Lea - Wounded Child Archetypes - Unsafe - Gifts of the Wound


Integration Practices

If you do recognize yourself in these archetypes, here are some practices to maturate and integrate that wounded child.

🌹 Notice when I’m making self wrong and stop the negative and/or abusive self-talk.

🌹 Understand that other’s frustration is often a projection of their own inability to meet their needs.

🌹 Reflect on and lovingly accept all my parts (even the ones that I hate or don’t fit the norm).

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Wounded CHild Archetypes Assessment


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