✦ Soul-knowing


Reclaiming the 4 Types of Knowing

We know something is bad for us. But here we are, doing it again. We know something is good for us. But here we are, not doing that thing. Why? Because mind-knowing (conceptually) is not enough for transformation. We need the heart-knowing (emotionally), body-knowing (experientially) and soul-knowing (transcendentally) as a full set for sustained change.

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Life Purpose Petals • Why Am I Here?

Have you ever caught yourself sobbing "It's not fair!" or ripping your hair out "But that makes no sense!?!" We didn't come here for fairness or sense making. Our souls came here to: grow, love, be loved, enjoy and be of service.

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The Barf Bucket • How I Purged Patriarchy from my Body

Our wounds from our Family of Origin are often not about the parent or the perpetrator, but a window into larger forces at play: Sacred Contracts and karmic agreements. There is no overnight healing, but you can get your hands on a "Get Out of Jail Free" card from systemic patriarchy.

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