✦ Heart-knowing


Reclaiming the 4 Types of Knowing

We know something is bad for us. But here we are, doing it again. We know something is good for us. But here we are, not doing that thing. Why? Because mind-knowing (conceptually) is not enough for transformation. We need the heart-knowing (emotionally), body-knowing (experientially) and soul-knowing (transcendentally) as a full set for sustained change.

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Brené Brown's No. 1 Raving Fan

From the day I stumbled upon Brené Brown's TED talk back in 2012, where she was the first person to make me feel like I was enough, I've read every word in every book she's written, watched every video she's ever appeared in, enrolled in every certification she's offered and followed her like her #1 Raving Fan!

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