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There is an exquisite fulfilling freedom at the intersection of: Passion, Calling, Mission, Vocation and Profession. Meet the 3 archetypal women entrepreneurs who have missed the mark of finding their "Goldilocks Zone": The Replicator, The Hobbyist, and The Leaper.

EL - 5 Freedom Factors


Passion is where love for what we do overlaps with what we are talented at (either naturally or by training). Note: If Parts Integration is not mastered, our Destroyer Archetype could consume us (or already has).


Calling is where love for what we do overlaps with what our soul is destined for. Often, you didn't ask for it, you ever even knew it existed, but you were lulled like a siren song to it.
Note: If Parts Integration is not mastered, our Martyr Archetype could get us burned at the stake.


Mission is where the world needs what we do and we could do it forever and ever.
Note: If Parts Integration is not mastered, our Prostitute Archetype could eat us out of house and home.


Vocation is where we get paid to do work that the world needs. 
Note: If Parts Integration is not mastered, our Ox Archetype could lead us to the monochromatic wasteland of soul aridity.


Profession is where we are good at what we do and we get paid well for it. 
Note: If Parts Integration is not mastered, our Hyperachiever Archetype could lead us on the bullet train to Burnoutville.

Converge Into The Goldilocks Zone

5 Freedom Factors - The Goldilocks Zone

The Goldilocks Zone refers to the sweet spot where everything is just right. Goldilocks drank the soup that wasn't too hot or too cold, but just right. Goldilocks slept in the bed that wasn't too hard or too soft, but just right.

In the Freedompreneur's Goldilocks Zone, we've got:

Love Score 7/7  We adore our work and delegate ALL that we don’t want to or like to do.

Talent Score 6/7 • We leave room for continuous learning, curiosity, growth, and awe.

Profit Score 7/7 • We are paid not only what we're worth, but also what we desire to be paid. We use a Boutique Mindset to create profit based on quality over quantity, timelessness over popularity, and experiences of belonging over disposable goods.

Need Score 7/7 • We found our zone of genius and chose our niche, such that our business fulfills our personal and that niche's needs

Sustain Score 6/7 • We leave room to deepen and broaden our leadership, to know when we're in a season of growth / scaling / multiplying or when we're in a cycle of contemplation / equanimity / enjoyment.

If you attained 8/7 on all five factors, and you've converged to the centre point of your life, I'm fairly certain you’d be crying tears of boredom or meaninglessness.

When a few factors are low or missing, then you feel floaty, lost, overwhelmed and/or paralyzed, faaaaaar from feeling fierce, fulfilled and free. Let's meet a few of our well-intentioned ladies.

Meet Marya • The Replicator

5 Freedom Factors - The Replicator

Marya started her marketing business based on skills she already had [TALENT ✓] and corporate experience she got paid well for [PROFIT ✓]. The world needs what she does or her previous jobs wouldn't have existed [NEED ✓].

But... after a while, she starts to wonder, "Does the world really need advertising of another trinket, widget or flavour or water?" Something is missing...

Sure the money is great and feeds her taste buds, desires and lifestyle. But as a one-woman-show, the constant demands of marketing, limited dollar-for-hour business model, and nagging stress from holding up the sky alone is wearing on her. She knows her business is unsustainable. She's already had a burnout a few years earlier, so she knows that forcing harder will only make the next burnout harder to recover from.

The aridity in her soul nudges her to finally admit that she doesn't even like her work. There's no passion, calling nor jumping out of bed in the morning and no fulfillment nor creative expression when going to sleep at night.

After coaching together, Marya reluctantly accepted that she left her corporate gig... only to replicate that j.o.b. but worse, because she now has more hats to wear and less financial / human resources at her disposal. That acceptance freed her to re-calibrate.

IT'S NOT HER FAULT. It was unconsciously / innocently done. The stressful, soul-crushing j.o.b. was the only model she was ever shown. Thousands of years of patriarchy conditioned her to settle for less. She didn't know about The Goldilocks Zone of The 5 Freedom Factors. But now you do.

Meet Anna • The Hobbyist

5 Freedom Factors - The Hobbyist

Jo absolutely looooooves cooking and all things nutrition [LOVE ✓]. She could eat, drink and sleep that work for the rest of her life! With a combo of natural talent and training, she excels at wellness coaching [TALENT ✓]. And the world desperately needs nourishment and well-being [NEED ✓].

But she can't seem to make a profit. She's over-working and under-charging. Without a profitable business model, marketing funnels and support teams, and most importantly the inner work to raise her low self-worth, her business isn't even a business. She made attempts to learn about entrepreneurship in drips and drabs, but she just couldn't sustain the feast-famine cycles. She just didn't want to live like a poor starving artist anymore.

After a while, Jo reluctantly accepted that she's trying too hard to force a hobby into a business, like asking a bowling ball to float. She made the brave choice to restore her "non-business" to hobby status, and joy, Flow, freedom and the Zone all came rushing back.

Learn from her, be brave. Know when to let go.

The fastest way to kill joy is to force a hobby into a business.
– Ellany Lea

Meet Aneela • The Leaper

5 Freedom Factors - The Leaper

Like Jo, Aneela absolutely adores her women's empowerment Sacred Circles workshops [LOVE ✓]. The world desperately needs belonging, creativity, freedom and joy, all of which her business provides [NEED ✓]. She's had one taste of time freedom and high leverage profit with her group program and her business model and industry have unlimited earning potential [PROFIT ✓]!

But... she used to be an orthodontist and is now only midway through her coaching certification. She's hit the Conscious Incompetence [link] stage where she's painfully aware that "I kinda suck at this coaching thing" (her words, not mine). Imposter syndrome is terrorizing her from within and sabotaging her business from without.

Every learning curve feels like a steep climb and every learning edge feels like The Cliffs of Moher. All she needs is more practice, but her inner Judge won't let her believe this truth. Instead, her inner Judge convinces her, every hour upon the hour, that she will suck fooooooreeeeeever, bwahahahaha!!!

This is a classic case of career re-invention [link], where The Heroine’s Journey [link] leads women through the fire of identity re-invention, opening all the cans of worms of shame, shadows, childhood wounds, et. crap. I encounter A LOT of self-development junkies like Aneela and myself, who attempt to use trainings and certifications to fill the Titanic hole of no self-worth.

Even so, Aneela's dreams and her spiritual calling are strong. They serve as a hope-fuel to keep her going as she learns to integrate and sustain all the 5 freedom factors.

The biggest difference our coaching has discerned for her to NOT buy in to the masochistic patriarchy conditioning of, "Leap and build your wings on the way down." Instead, we are strengthening her courage / stamina / resilience wings, hooking a parachute on her back and laying a multi-colored trampoline at the bottom of the ledge. She will still have to be brave and make a leap, but she won't crash on her face like patriarchy would have her do.


Self-Assessment WOrksheet

I've been in Marya and Aneela's shoes. The Replicator, been there, done that. The Leaper, guilty as charged. I had no business being in business, but I went for it anyways.

We far over-estimate what we can get done in 10 days and far under-estimate what we can achieve in 10 years.

We far over-estimate what we can get done in 10 days and far under-estimate what we can achieve in 10 years. In my decade of freedompreneurship, ie entrepreneurship as a spiritual quest, The 5 Freedom Factors have served thousands of clients and friends, as a re-calibration tool toward fierce and fulfilling freedom.

EL - 5 Freedom Factors - Worksheet

Save a copy of the above worksheet and use it to assess the fulfilling success and freedom of any project, collaboration and/or business concept.

Note • If you ever you catch yourself rating a factor 0/7, then RUN, BAMBI, RUN!!! Burn that worksheet and do NOT proceed with that project or idea. For the love of all that is holy, the fastest way to kill joy is to force a hobby into a business.

Live fierce and free,

xo, Ella

(First Published Nov 30, 2016)


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