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14 Differences between Hyperachievers and Liberated Overachievers




I'm in Georgetown, Guyana, and there's not much to do here. So it's given me plenty of time to cross-reference a tidy table of the 14 differences I've observed in my overachiever clients, colleagues, friends and self, between self-sabotaging Hyperachievers and liberated Overachievers.


You know the saying "Less is more"? I don't agree. Less is not more. Less is better. I don't want more. I need better.



Do more, achieve more, achieve more, achieve more, no sleep, no play, no sweetness, just a fast-track train to Burnoutville Sleep, play, reflect to protect and nurture self and the ability to achieve
Commit to everything, frantically juggling all the balls in the air Discern top 2 important priorities from a flurry of distractions before committing to action
Run around with a fire extinguisher putting out everyone else's fires Navigate their every choice by following the voice of their Soul and their top 2 values
Say yes to everyone out of guilt or awkwardness (then resent them through out) Say no gracefully and often, knowing that no is a full sentence
Find creative ways to do it all Discern and choose only a few things to go deep into
See choices through the lens of scarcity, leading to constant FOMO See choices through the lens of soul maturation: every time I say no, I am saying yes to Who I Truly Am
Don't set boundaries for fear of being disliked (or ostracized, expulsed, crucified, etc.) Set empowering boundaries in advance so no need to say no later
People please to be liked or to fit in (leading to victimhood and/or martyrdom) Forego short-term (or any) popularity for long-term self-respect and sovereignty
Are victims of sunken cost (I've already invested so much, if I just put in more, I can force this to work!) Know when to cut their loses, are masterful at the art of letting go
Procrastinate and blindly assumes the best case scenario Prepare buffers and cushions for a realistic human experience on planet Earth
Focus on past regrets (depression) and future worries (anxiety) Live only in the NOW, there is nowhere else to be or exist
Wander aimlessly on a vague or materialistic goal (eg. I want to help people / I want a bigger boat) Take action based on clear, inspiring, and meaningful soul yearnings (eg. I wish all children are seen and loved. I dream of all women being free to be their own person. I yearn for each human to know what it's like to belong)
Throw around lofty goals and intentions which lead to small results Consistently take action on microscopic achievable goals, ride the wave of that momentum and celebrate every small progress that accumulates to massive results
When things go awry, add more quick fixes or random projects When things go awry, stop and radically eradicate busyness, obligations and distractions to reset the space


What's your score out of 14? Are you a self-sabotaging hyperachiever or liberated overachiever?

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella


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