If you could order some freedom online, which freedom(s) would you "Add to Cart"?

After a talk I gave last year, audience members asked me what fuelled / drove my quest for freedom. "All I've ever wanted... is to be free," those words fell out of my jaw for the first time.

This quest that I didn't even know I was on, to have time, mental, professional, financial, physical, geographical, cultural, emotional, creative and spiritual freedom, has taken fooooooreeeeeever and a day. 


But now, ever present peace, humming joy, and constant awe imbue my life. This is the freedom I wish for you. We are spiritual gangsters, on a journey from freedom seeker to liberator of others.

We walk through flames... and one day realize... we are the fire! 🔥 😱 🔥  The price is high. The reward is great.

You are only free when you realize you belong no place—you belong every place—no place at all. The price is high. The reward is great.
– Maya Angelou

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Time Freedom

Defined as freedom from: chronos (manmade calendar), frantic busyness as an avoidance mechanism, (fear of) loss of time, burnout, the human ego, the ego's fear of death, and patriarchy.

Mental Freedom

Defined as freedom from: the 25 faces of fear, anxiety, depression, one or all 9 self-saboteurs, analysis paralysis, social anxiety, OCD-like obsession, addictive binges, attention deficit-like restlessness, bipolar-spectrum swings, autism-spectrum disorder, phobias, dissociative tendencies, and patriarchy.

Professional Freedom

Defined as freedom from: salary glass ceilings, unfulfilling misery, imposter syndrome, identity crisis during career re-invention,  jackass boss(es), toxic colleague(s), soul sucking grind, overworked and underpaid, smart shaming, and patriarchy.

Financial Freedom

Defined as freedom from: low/no self-esteem, low/no self-worth, poverty, fear of survival, trading dollar for hour, fear of money / prosperity / abundance, fear of losing money, fear of never having enough money, fear of enjoying money, and patriarchy. Having financial confidence to lose everything and joyfully make it all back again, that's a priceless freedom.

Physical Freedom

Defined as freedom from: stress, fight / flight / freeze / faun, somatic pain, overproduction of cortisol and/or adrenaline, physical injury and/or illness, trauma / PTSD locked in the nervous system, physical / sexual abuse / violation, sexual stigma, touch starvation, and patriarchy.

Geographical Freedom

Defined as freedom from: toxic environments, unsupportive people/groups, isolation, frigid weather, small towns, small minds, places that siphon peace/joy, dangerous climates, locations that don't feel like home, and patriarchy.

Cultural Freedom

Defined as freedom from: filial piety, the 4Ps of patriarchy (Pleasing, Perfecting, Performing, Producing), intergenerational scarcity / trauma / oppression, martyrdom, skyholder or eldest daughter syndrome, gender / reverse-gender / age / reverse-age / ethnic discrimination, and patriarchy.

Emotional Freedom

Defined as freedom from: overwhelm, guilt, shame, grief, neglect, betrayal, gaslighting, self-hatred, anger / rage, insecure anxious attachment style, insecure avoidant attachment style, scars of the past (eg. bullying), some or all 12 Wounded Child Archetypes, and patriarchy.

Creative Freedom

Defined as freedom from: creativity scars, conformity, austere productivity, money as the only metric for self-worth, (fear of) criticism, dictators / energy vampires / time thieves, and patriarchy.

Spiritual Freedom

Defined as freedom from: regret, soul aridity, persecution, indoctrination, religion, ascension flu, Mercury retrogrades, Saturn returns, doing others' spiritual work, karma, re-incarnation, and patriarchy.

Freedom Shopping Cart

I've experienced aaaaaall, yes ALL, of the above limitations, challenges and prisons. Every fourth day, I wonder, "How am I still alive? No less thriving?" and am shocked that my mind hasn't ended my life yet.

It mesmerizes me every 2nd day that when I said yes to "Freedompreneurship" (which I didn't even know was a thing), I was signing up for entrepreneurship as a spiritual quest.

Me, I had NO business going into business. Picture this, my ideal: no people, no human form, no Earth, none of this 🤪

But somehow, if the mouse that fell into the cream churns it long enough, it just might be able to step on the butter and hop out of the jug. The price is high. The reward is great.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.
– Rumi 


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