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Are you a Self Development Junkie?

Hoarding wisdom?

Have you been collecting (aka hoarding) wisdom, tools, knowledge, trainings, books, research, webinars, podcasts... for yeeeeeears?


Itching to create meaning?

Is there a meaningful program, masterclass, workshop, or guidebook you've been itching to create or dying to unleash?


Called to soulful service?

Have you lived through heartbreak or "dark night of the soul" and are called to guide/teach others so that your pain was not in vain?


Not sure where to start?

Do you feel stuck (aka creative constipation) or like you're about to explode from restlessness or madness (aka creative vomiting)?


All too overwhelming?

Are you paralyzed, overwhelmed, or nauseated by the start-stop-start-stop of creating an impactful and profitable masterclass?



Loosing time?

Are time, opportunities, contribution and influence slipping through your fingers, as you keep hidden the depth and beauty of your soul's work?


Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality.
– Dalai Lama

Welcome to Unleash your Masterclass

Unleash Your Masterclass is a comprehensive, yet simplified 10-month guided program to: alchemize the depth + beauty of your soul into a meaningful masterclass, gracefully.

Part 1

Create the

Part 2

Create the
business Lab

Part 3

Create the

Free yourself...

... then free your business...

... then free the world.


Unused creativity is not benign. It metastasizes. It turns into grief, rage, judgement, sorry, shame.
– Brené Brown


From Freedom Seeker to Liberator

Unleash Your Masterclass is a guided quest to evolve your from frantic one-woman-show to joyful freedompreneur.

Think of it as spiritual warrior training, where you expand the courage to start, stamina to see it through, and the resilience to rise after setbacks, so you can master your genius and answer:

As a freedom seeker, who am I here to liberate?

As a lifelong learner, what am I here to teach?

As a creative trailblazer, why am I here?

As an overachiever, how do I surrender to grace?

As a truth seeker, who am I?

Freedompreneurship is the hardest, most awe-filled and worthwhile quest you'll ever undertake.

If you could do it alone, you would have already. Instead, join our Unleash Your Masterclass program, which provides simplified structures, joyful exploration, graceful guidance, and "big love, high joy" community.


Meet Ellany Lea

Hi, I'm Ellany, founder of Guide to Grace, a sanctuary for soul maturation + lifestyle freedom.

As a success coach, spiritual guide, and masterclass maker, I've championed, comforted, and guided hundreds of women founders, overachievers, trailblazers, entrepreneurs and freedom seekers for over 8 years.

Unleash Your Masterclass is the culmination of:

  • those women's soulprints and growth,
  • two decades of personal development, 108 tried-and-true freedom tools,
  • my 16 career re-inventions, 131 countries traveled,
  • $100,000 in certifications and healing arts, and $100,000 in business automation.

Join us for this Unleash Your Masterclass journey, because women who are free will set the world free!

xo Ella

Let's discern together if the wisdom, structure, and joy we provide matches the freedom you seek. ⤵︎

Clarity Session with Ellany


Curriculum 2020

Rivers need banks to flow. If you are the river, we are your banks. We will guide you to flow, gracefully.

Part 1 • Create the Master

Know thyself is key to sustainable and graceful success. You need to know all your parts before you the whole you lays out enlightened goals. You need to know your Sacred Archetypes before you use their essence to articulate your business brand. You need to purge negative money memories before you set pricing.


  • Preparation: Tao of Creativity, Freedompreneurship as a Spiritual Quest, Success Re-calibrations, Grace Tuners, Boutique Mindset, Power of Iterations

March-April 2020

Part 1 Create the Master

Parts Integration

How to dissolve inner conflicts to reclaim your whole sovereignty
MAR 5 • 10a EST/NYC (1 hr)


How to create more free time for rest, joy, creativity and play
MAR 12 • 10A EST/NYC (1 HR)


How to re-prioritize your daily rhythm to dissolve stress and embody flow
MAR 12 • 10A EST/NYC (1 HR)

Values Lantern

How to shed patriarchal values to light your own path
MAR 19 • 10A EST/NYC (1 HR)

Ego Disidentification

How to surrender the ego to the soul to reduce suffering and increase peace
APR 2 • 10A EST/NYC (1 HR)

Wall of Greatness

How to stop fearing your greatness and raise your self-worth
APR 2 • 10A EST/NYC (1 HR)

Wounded Child Archetypes

How to shed false identities and eliminate self-sabotage and burnout
APR 9 • 10A EST/NYC (1 HR)

Sacred Archetypes

How to leverage the power of your Sacred Archetypes to fulfill your purpose
APR 16 • 10A EST/NYC (1 HR)

Money Memory Purge

How to make space for prosperity consciousness
APR 16 • 10A EST/NYC (1 HR)


Part 1 • Create the Master will guide you to synchronize all your parts to the rhythm of your Soul, captured so well in this video.

Courtesy of irmins


Part 2 • Create the business Lab

Doing the right things in the right order is the next key to sustainable and joyful success. You need to know your ideal client before you gear your curriculum to their deepest needs. You need to liberate your time before you dive into recording/editing or you won't make it to the finish line. You need to define your suite of products/services before you create lead magnets for audience building.

May-August 2020

Part 2  Create the Business Lab

Enlightened Goals

How to set thrilling and soul-aligned goals for sustainable thriving
May 7 • 10a EST/NYC (1 hr)

Dream Team Leadership

How to recruit trustworthy team members and surrender control gracefully
MAY 14 • 10A EST/NYC (1 HR)

Ideal Client Avatar • Part 1

How to succinctly articulate your ideal client/customer in 4 words or less
MAY 21 • 10A EST/NYC (1 HR)

Branding With Archetypes

How to align your business brand with your soul archetypes
Jun 4 • 10A EST/NYC (1 HR)


How to embody the needs/wants of your ideal client avatar
JUN 11 • 10A EST/NYC (1 HR)

Branding Deck Simplified

How to create a unified Branding Deck to eliminate redundancies and save time
JUN 18 • 10A EST/NYC (1 HR)

Unique Methodology

How to articulate your signature approach under 4 words to stand out
JUL 2 • 10A EST/NYC (1 HR)

Product Sequencing

How to sequence your products/services for a 'domino effect' funnel
JUL 9 • 10A EST/NYC (1 HR)

Six-figure Calculator

How to truthfully own your numbers to joyfully scale and sustain your business
JUL 16 • 10A EST/NYC (1 HR)


Part 2 • Create the Business Lab will guide you to line up all your business ducks in a row to achieve a graceful domino effect, like in this video.

Courtesy of Hevesh5


Part 3 • Create the Masterclass

Developing a soul with stamina is the last key to sustainable and liberating success. You need to establish a clear funnel before you run marketing campaigns. You need to be clear who you are and what your learning outcomes are before you write a sales page. You need to understand the mechanisms of freedompreneurship before you re/launch your masterclass.

September-December 2020

Part 3 Create the Masterclass

Curriculum Outline + Context

How to unleash and organize a curriculum into fun, impactful experiential modules
Sep 24 • 10a EST/NYC (1 HR)

Production Panel + Recording

How to stay sane and joyful during masterclass pre- and post-production
OCT 1 • 10A  EST/NYC (1 HR)

Art of Enrollment

How to convert prospects to clients without forcing nor pitching
OCT  8 • 10A EST/NYC (1 HR)

Lead Magnet / Quiz

How to create lead magnet opt-ins or quizzes that do the marketing for you
OCT 15 • 10A EST/NYC (1 HR)

Storytelling Website

How to use storytelling on your website to guide a stranger into a raving fan
NOV 5 • 10A EST/NYC (1 HR)

"About Me" Mindmap

How to fiercely and gracefully tell your whole story with your whole heart
NOV 12 • 10A EST/NYC (1 HR)

Masterclass Sales Page

How to captivate students with compelling emotional resonance
NOV 19 • 10A EST/NYC (1 HR)

Systems Automation + SOPs

How to simplify, automate and make nimble your systems to free your business
DEC 3 • 10A EST/NYC (1 HR)

About a Sales Campaign

How to conduct evergreen sales campaigns in peace and harmony
DEC 10 • 10A EST/NYC (1 HR)

About Lead Generation

How to conduct evergreen sales campaigns in peace and harmony
DEC 17 • 10A EST/NYC (1 HR)


Part 3 • Create the Masterclass will guide you to feel fiercely unleash your greatest power and masterpiece, like Jean Grey (aka The Phoenix) in this final scene.

Courtesy of Galaxy Star Marvel

Enrollment opens September 4, 2020

Let's discern together if the simplicity, wisdom, and joy we provide fuels the freedom you seek. ⤵︎

Clarity Session with Ellany

I learned that I'm not crazy. I can do this. I can go at my pace. It is possible to move from getting paid per hour to a more passive income model. I feel more "at peace" and confident with my life and business. I'm trusting that though I was working less hours I would still make enough money.

Kristen Smith
Studio Owner + Piano Teacher

Andrea Fleischfresser
Leadership Trainer + Creator


Unique Structures

What makes the Guide to Grace method unique are: Goldilocks Zones, Rest Stops + Rituals, and The Right Order.

1 • Goldilocks Zones


Information • not too overwhelming, not too little boring, but just right
Implementation • not too fast, not too slow, but just right
Transformation • not too mystical, not too mundane, but just right


2 • Rest Stops + Rituals


  • UYM is a high touch, hand holding program, where no one gets left behind
  • Each session starts with a Permission Slips to honor your humanity
  • Each session ends with a No! Declaration to liberate your soul
  • Each module has an actionable Mini-quests to implement your freedom
  • Each month ends with a Rest + Recharge week
  • Each part ends with summer and December holiday celebrations 🙌

3 • The right order


You need to know your integrated goals in order to...
... recruit a talented, soul-aligned, and trustworthy dream team in order to...
... run seasonal, automated or evergreen sales campaigns.


You need to discern ego vs. soul to make clear decisions in order to...
... create your unique methodology and brand in order to...
... articulate your offers and enroll clients, students or customers.


You need to know your worth and elevate your prosperity consciousness in order to...
... evolve your schedule from busyness or procrastination to time freedom in order to...
... complete the masterclass recording / editing through graceful discipline or delegation.


You need to know your most intimate 42 parts, their needs and challenges in order to...
... identify your ideal client avatar’s needs and challenges in order to ...
... design irresistible lead magnets to attract the right clients / customers.



Enrollment opens September 4, 2020

Let's discern together if the simplicity, wisdom, and joy we provide fuels with the freedom you seek. ⤵︎

Clarity Session with Ellany

Sooooo much has unfolded for me (and still is - and shall continue to. I’m just getting started here) since our sessions. It truly unlocked the next level for me to go deeper - trust myself, trust the universe, listen to myself, seek and let myself find my spiritual teachers and inner voice, let things unfold at the pace they’re meant to.

Betsy Reed
Owner + Director


Benefits + Outcomes

Guide to Grace will champion you to clarify, deepen, enrich, fast-track, and actualize your wisdom and genius into a masterclass that you're proud of, gracefully.


turning forkJoyful Relief

Unleash the creative force bottled within, knowing it's safe to fully express yourself. So you can feel light and free!



Inspired Masterclass

Hold in your hands an actualized masterclass that is soul-aligned, marketable, and profitable. So you can feel in awe of your genius!



True Confidence

Reclaim your sovereignty and integrate all your shadow and light into a confident whole. So you can feel tall and true.



Signature Brand

Develop and articulate your signature methodology, as a powerful umbrella brand for all future books, products, services, etc. So you can feel harmoniously centered.



Magnetic Leadership

Increase your EQ, PQ, FQ and LQ to radiate a charisma that magentizes global followers, effortlessly. So you can feel alive and mighty.



Digital Ownership

Own of a beautiful, inspiring, illuminating, and soul powered business asset, with streamlined support team, automated systems, and residual profit. So you can feel peacefully proud.



Fulfilling Legacy

Know in your core that you've turned everything you've ever been, done and learned into a rich, meaningful, and impactful program for your tribe and lifestyle freedom for yourself. So you can feel the sweet nectar of your legacy.



Time Freedom

Whether it takes you one iteration or twenty, trust that every move you make frees up your time and increases your freedom. So you can feel hopeful and even exalted!



Liberator Badge

Evolve from freedom seeker to liberator, from one-woman-show to freedompreneur, because "The function of freedom is to liberate others." – Toni Morrison



Enrollment opens September 4, 2020

Let's discern together if the simplicity, wisdom, and joy we provide fuels the freedom you seek. ⤵︎

Clarity Session with Ellany

I feel so much more focused and clear. I decide! I decide who, what, when. I've given myself full permission to rest and live and put myself first. One of the greatest things you had me do was collect testimonials and see for myself how amazing and capable I am. Thank you for guiding me along the way. You've given me confidence and a soft place to land.

Our fast-track day was exactly what I needed. So much got done! It was so simple, I love how clearly laid out my business is, and I feel sooo much lighter. Sitting down with you helped me get clear on how I make decisions with my time, energy and direction. I am planned and secure! I am capable of freedom! I am not alone on my island, but Queen of my world!

Christina Michael
Elite Fitness Trainer + Reiki Practitioner
Whole Life 360


Program Enrollment

Start Dates

Part 1 • MAR 5, 2020
Part 2 • MAY 7, 2020
Part 3 • SEP 24, 2020

Enrollment Options • Full Program  or  Individual Parts

Group Sessions • Live coaching / mentoring with Ellany Lea (60min) via Zoom

  • Part 1 • First 3 Thursdays of March, April @ 10AM NYC
  • Part 2 • First 3 Thursdays of May, Jun, Jul, Aug @ 10AM NYC
  • Part 3 • Last Thursday of Sep, first 3 Thursdays of Oct, Nov, Dec @ 10AM NYC

Group Size • Max. 16 women

Included ($7,382 value)

  • Unleash Your Masterclass Parts 1, 2, and 3 ($5,097 value)
  • Play Labs Co-Working Sessions ($497 value)
  • Guide to Grace Vault Access ($497 value)
  • Comprehensive Coaching Prep Pack ($297 Value)
  • Comprehensive Coaching Completion Pack ($297 value)
  • Freedompreneur Quotient Test ($197 value)
  • High Return on Happiness Masterclass ($797 value)
  • Lifetime access to all masterclass modules and e-salon recordings (Priceless)
  • Grad benefits:
    50% off any group program when you enroll a 2nd time
    85% off any group program when you enroll a 3rd time
    100% off any group program when you enroll a 4th time or beyond!
  • Priority registration to all limited-seat events
  • Exclusive invitation to beta trainings, apprenticeships and product launches


Enrollment opens September 4, 2020

Let's discern together if the simplicity, wisdom, and joy we provide fuels the freedom you seek. ⤵︎

Clarity Session with Ellany


Enrollment Option

Full Program

27 Modules + Group Coaching Sessions
Feb - Dec 2020


10 payments of

Part 1 Only

9 Modules + Group Coaching Sessions
Feb - Apr 2020

5 payments of

Part 2 Only

9 Modules + Group Coaching Sessions
May - Aug 2020

5 payments of

Part 3 Only

9 Modules + Group Coaching Sessions
Sep - Dec 2020

5 payments of


Enrollment opens September 4, 2020

Let's discern together if the simplicity, wisdom, and joy we provide fuels the freedom you seek. ⤵︎

Clarity Session with Ellany

We don't have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.
– Brené Brown


I learned that I'm not crazy. I can do this. I can go at my pace. It is possible to move from getting paid per hour to a more passive income model. I feel more "at peace" and confident with my life and business. I'm trusting that though I was working less hours I would still make enough money.

Kristen Smith
Studio Owner + Piano Teacher

Working with Ella has been one of the best personal and business decisions I have ever taken. I had been running my coaching practice for over 3 years, and was close to burn out. I love my work and found it challenging to define and honor my boundaries. Ella helped me liberate my genius so that I can create the impact I want to AND live the life of freedom I yearn.

Neeru Sharma
Executive Coach



1:1 Coaching / Mentoring

If you prefer 1-on-1 format or to chose your own start date, book a Clarity Session with Ellany.

She and our Guide to Grace coaches will help you discern your needs, wants, sweet spots and blind spots.


Frequently Asked Questions

For additional questions, browse through our FAQs below.

Can I enroll in an individual part of the program?

Yes, of course. You can enroll in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 individually.

What are the enrollment and start dates?

In 2020, the Full Program and Part 1 enrollment opens February 14-March 3. The program starts Thursday, March 5.

Part 2 enrollment opens April 17-May 1. The program starts Thursday, May 7.

Part 3 enrollment opens September 4-18. The program starts Thursday, September 24.

How much time should I set aside each week?

Every one has a different sweet spot. We've designed the program for momentum (coaching sessions first 3 weeks of the month) and for rest (recharge 4th week of the month).

Each week, we recommend reserving: 1 hour for our coaching session and 2-3 hrs for your mini-quest. We also offer Play Labs co-working sessions on Tuesdays to keep you connected, inspired and accountable.

What if I can't attend all live sessions?

All live sessions will be recorded and you have lifetime access to all training videos and recordings. If the group schedule doesn't match yours, connect with Ellany to discern if the 1:1 program is a better fit for you.

Can I join if I'm brand new to Guide to Grace?

Yes, of course. We welcome brand new freedom seekers all the time who are willing to consciously choose grace over force.

Can I join if I'm a grad or current client?

Yes, of course. This program is designed for multiple iterations. Each time you revisit a module, you deepen and enrich your program and personal freedom. Email or Whatsapp Ellany for grad discount code for 50% to 100% in savings!

What if I want to upgrade my business, but don't want to create a masterclass?

That's cool. You can enroll in Part 1 and Part 2 only. Note: For $30 more, you might as well join us for all 3 parts. You never know, you might be ready to unleash your masterclass by September ;)

Is there a money-back guarantee?

No. This spiritual quest is about decisive commitment to your inner master and to the masterclass within you that is dying to be unleashed. It's also about heart resonance to our graceful approach, exquisite integrity, and generosity of time and spirit. We have had a beautiful track record of zero refund requests over 8 years. Each student speaks with Ellany to discern the the right fit before enrollment. We are all about creating high vibe, loving and successful community!