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Founder + Chief Achemist

Q: What was your journey with Guide to Grace like?

A: Like taking a spiritual inventory at first and figuring out where you are, and I think that's what I needed first. I needed first the mental game setup and also be at peace where I was struggling.

Q: What stretched you the most?

A: What stretched me the most was that your approach is completely opposite to my approach, which is a good thing, because I want to know the strategy and run towards it. Where you're much more like, stop, think about it, feel.


And that was a new way for me to process what's going on instead of just reacting.

Q: What was during our time together, one or two memorable turning points when you thought, "I can do this."?

A: I think with the group especially, you realize that you do have certain strengths compared to the crowd. And that was really interesting to see where my strengths were because they weren't where I expected them to be.

Q: What was your favorite tool or exercise that we did?

A: I don't know what tool it was. But there was one where we just gave each other's feedback on all of our different businesses. And each one of us... It wasn't necessarily for what I got from my own, which was mind blowing. But it was also the feedback that you're able to give to someone else in their business.

And when their light went on, you're like, "Oh, that's great!" And they're like writing it down. I thought that was so incredibly helpful and strong, because we all had different areas of expertise, and we were able to kind of help each other.

Q: What are the top two insights that you picked up or learned from our work together, that you would pass on to the women who walk in your footsteps...

A: Okay, I think there's two things: one is really understand who you are, and that takes a lot of self reflection. And when you know more of who you are, then you know what your brand is.

And this course was eight months, and I thought that was quite long for a group. But I think it's great to see how you develop it because it takes time for us to develop. It's kind of like building a Lego house. You just do one Lego at a time. And I think that's what this course was really helpful with.

And because this is more of like a spiritual journey to try and figure out what is your business, it needs to go slow.