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Q: What was your journey with Guide to Grace like?

A: One of the things I love about working with you Ella, is that you have this way of pulling in all the big ideas, and then making them super simple. I remember describing this huge idea to you, I'm talking about the cosmos, talking about the four elements, talking about all these things. And you were like, "Yeah that's all really great "now can you draw it in one page for me?"

The act of doing that, actually led me to one of my biggest breakthroughs. And it actually helped me create a program that's very unique. I've been teaching it, I've been honing it in. And that actually leads to one of the reasons I was interested and excited about starting the apprenticeship. Another thing I've learned, that you repeat over and over again, is this concept of iteration. The work is now turning into a book and it's turning into what I offer people as they meet me.

Q: What would you say these groups provided you that you didn't have on your own?

A: Having that space every week where I could bring my questions and be around people who can help me see, and focus and prioritize. I think by seeing the struggles everybody else was having, and the challenges, and the successes everybody else is having, helped me make better decisions about what I was gonna do next.

Q: In either program that we did, what was your favorite tool or exercise?

A: Oh, I can't choose! Okay, here are a few. One is working with archetypes. When we know what archetypes have a hold on us, then we're able to work with them better. And actually make them become a part of who we are and what we offer. And so it helps clarify and simplify. That real holding to go super deep and to really name the deepest values, that changed everything for me.

Q: For all these women following in your footsteps, what are two top insights that you gained that you want to pass on to them?

A: Keeping going on the business, but making sure the emphasis and the priority is really coming back to the self, because all the work flows from there. Who we are, what we create, all flows from the inner work.

Q: Will you tell us what your new business motto and tagline is?

A: Beauty after devastation. Learning to trust life and yourself again.