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Life Coach + Creator

Q: What was your journey with Guide to Grace like?

A: Okay, so I have this saboteur who tells me I have to say the right thing, at the right time, in the right way and it has had a death grip on me, and it was choking all my words and I was writing these very stiff corporate letters on my blog. And so you're like, "Okay, what could represent words?" And you're like, "A thesaurus!" I was like, "Okay, yeah, I can get it." And you're like, "Okay, you need to get a thesaurus and you're gonna have to have a reckoning with this thesaurus." I was like, "Okay." I was trotting around the bookstore and I was like, "I'm a wild warrior woman and I make my own destiny!" And so the whole program name that I eventually came up with for my curriculum happened in that moment, DIY Destiny happened in that moment of getting that thesaurus, and then I took the... Can I swear on this?! (laughs) I took the f*cking thesaurus out into the woods and I trashed it to the sound of Rage Against The Machine blaring (laughs) and there's hikers, you know, walking by, oh, and then I burned it! (laughs) After that, words flowed.

Q: What was one thing that you did not expect to get? 

A: This was about: it's okay to work way less and your quote, "Just because you can doesn't mean you should," is such a permission, it's just such a valuable piece of permission that I hadn't been giving myself. There's all these things you can do but you don't have to do them all and you probably shouldn't. (laughs)

Q: Biggest leap of faith you made during our time together.

A: First was signing on, honestly, because I was panicked about signing on, I hadn't paid that much for a program before and yet I wanted to charge premium prices myself and there was this whole notion of be it first that I needed to work through, and so it was a leap of faith that this... Trusting that this was right for me and that my experience that I had, and my experience was that that breakthrough was powerful, my research that I did, and my research was that this is a vouched-for program, that those were true things.