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Fashion Designer + Founder

Q: What was your journey with Guide to Grace like?

A: In one word I would say the soul work. A whole hearted coaching. So from emotional parts that are at the root of business for most women to the really practical part and the busyness tracker.

Q: And what would you say stretched you the most during our work together?

A: That you kept telling me something that at the beginning sounded a bit to me like weird, but then you were so convinced. And I started really believing in this that was when you said, "You are very powerful." because nobody ever said this to me so it was like something that you repeatedly told me and I started believing in this and seeing myself from another point of view. You were so convinced and it switched on a light.

Q: And for you what was a very memorable turning point? 

A: Revolutionary for me, we spoke about like, difficult moments, don't try to fight it back, but letting it be, and be, and be okay, accept it. So accept that was also something that was completely new for me.

Q: Now lastly, what would you say are the top two lessons or insights that you will carry forward in your heart?

A: The most important was becoming aware of my value, and seeing my value with my own compass. As you taught me, so there's not one kind of success, there's not one kind of happiness, and being, being proud of who I am with all the parts, with all the strengths, with all the fragility.

Q: What did you feel was unique about what we were offering that made you decide to invest the money, 'cause it was, it was a pretty significant investment.

A: We spoke on the phone and I thought she is the one, and I was surprised because we've had we've had maybe half an hour phone call and we did a somatic exercise, and something clicked, and I was like, "I really trust this person!"