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Performance Coach + Change Practitioner

Q: What was your journey with Guide to Grace like?

A: I didn't expect you to be so irreverent and so like, I was gonna say "sweary", like you know, kind of unraveled and so kind of un-put together and sharing about what it's like to be that way, and sharing the real truth of who you are. Like salute the real honest-to-god guidance, like give me a lot of courage to be that for my clients and to show up that way in my life which has made a huge impact.

Q: And you've been with me from the very, very beginning before I don't know how many rebrandings I've done. I've legally changed my name. What made you stick around all these years?

A: Ooh, good question. Well I love how you unapologetically transform and it's definitely given me some permission to do the same and to just keep going after whatever weird and wild and unconventional thing that I want next. It's always changing. And allow for that, that I can change and move the way that might scare other people 'cause I've definitely seen you do that. I really see you as somebody who, you know, somebody who's out there traveling, overachieving, living life by their own terms, doing things that other people think are very unconventional, like speaking about Ayahuasca, and it's just like that courage piece where I'm just like, "Wow, like she is so courageous with sharing herself and maybe someday I will be that courageous too."

Q: Within yourself, what was a very memorable turning point, or turning points?

A: I remember a particular session that we had where you kind of uncovered that I was very hard on myself. And I mean, I kinda knew that, but I didn't realize how much it was kind of ruining my life and how much it was holding me back and I also remember when you were doing your course, how much fun it was and how much I learned just from the people in the course, I remember one time you, put the hold music on and didn't show up and it was like...

Q: I remember that. It was totally not on purpose, the music just... I was kinda having technical difficulties and I thought, hey, let's see what happens with it.

You rolled with it. and started co-leading each other and just took over and hey, maybe I don't even need to be here. It's good to co-mingle. Oh my gosh.