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Founder + Managing Partner

Q: What made you choose to work with me and work with Guide to Grace?

A: So, it was an energy thing, it was a spiritual thing, I was looking for a spirit guide so to speak, and I had that with you, from the very beginning. It was a natural, organic authentic, soul friendship that needed to be explored and you were in a place where I wanted to get to.

But you were a graceful guide to be able to lead me to the water and I actually drank it. I think that lake's actually empty now. (laughs)

Q: What was something we, maybe accidentally, dug up, that you didn't expect we would?

A: I was driving down the street and it just, it hit me like a ton of bricks and I called you from my car, and I'm bawling my eyes out, and I said: "I am terrified of failing!" But you said to me in this calm, reassuring, loving, compassionate tone, "Okay, listen to me. Have you ever shit the bed?" I laughed and I said, "No!" And you're like: "Then why would you now?"

And it took that sentence of, "No, I haven't." It's not that I didn't have little failures that I used to climb. That was my big--I've never been terrified since.

Q: By actually facing it, the terror, feeling it, you're able to release it. And not knowing it was even there in the first place.

A: Your words, there's nothing from our time that still doesn't exist in my present.

Q: What are the top two insights or lessons or takeaways that you acquired during our time together that you would pass on to all the women, the freedompreneurs, who are following in your footsteps?

A: You have the power.You have just as much power as I do, you do, anybody does. You just have to engage it. You have to trust it. By trusting someone else telling you to trust it.

I think the other biggest thing that you taught me was freedom is about authentically being yourself and honoring who you were born to be.