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Sustainability Speaker + Strategist

Q: What was your journey with Guide to Grace like?

A: I recognize the need to take care of myself as the producer and product. It's not selfish to take care of products, it's not selfish to take care of your talents and that's me. We're all driven high achievers and we beat ourselves up and it doesn't make any sense to beat up your creative director or your strategy director.

Q:  For sustainability, longevity, not just produce, produce, produce.

A: And the irony of the fact that I run the Sustainability Consultancy and working in sustainable away so it's actually changed my entire approach to my work.

Q: What did we dig up that you didn't expect we would dig up?

A: Oh Man! Umm… particularly the parts work, how useful that's been surprised me, I still think about who's driving the bus and which of my characters is driving the bus. Also a nice surprise that it wasn't a heavy process. There were definitely some moments but it was a it was a really joyful process of discovery. I think the thing that surprises me most retrospectively is how much working with a female coach who specializes in working with females who is very focused on the feminine and the shadow stuff has really been, it was huge catalyst in ( I’m getting emotional actually) the beginning of me really stepping into my power as a female in a very Divine Feminine way and that's life-altering, so yeah...

Q: While you and I were on this river of Grace together what stretched you the most?

A: Sticking with something that meant prioritizing myself and meant recognizing my own importance of “ yeah I need help I deserve help and I deserve to spend money on myself and take time” and that this is valid.

Q: What are your top two takeaways or the top two insights you want to part onward to all the women following in your footsteps?

A: Ask for help early and often and allow others to help you. I think the second thing is the process will take you where you need to go it will bring the people that you need to work with it will surprise you with its twists and turns but it's going to be better than anything you could have made a list or created a format for, so trust the process.