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What to expect when enrolling in a Guide to Grace 1:1 program.



  • Clarity Session with Ellany

    Clarify your needs and if aligned with Guide to Grace, select your ideal program, format, and start date
  • Secure Registration

    Once accepted into program, register and pay online to secure your chosen start date



  • Enrollment Confirmation

    Receive instant confirmation, payment receipt, Ellany's Whatsapp number and Vault login
  • Coaching Prep Pack

    Fill in a self-reflection Prep Pack questionnaire so Ellany can custom tailor tools for you and your business (give yourself ~ 2 weeks)
  • Masterclass Modules

    Watch pre-assigned masterclass modules (if applicable) to set a solid foundation for freedom

Coaching / Mentoring

  • First Session

    Dial in to Zoom for orientation, alignment and first deep dive session (45 min)
  • Weekly Reflections

    After first session, fill in Pre-call Reflections before each session to use coaching session time wisely
  • Coaching / Mentoring

    Weekly or bi-weekly coaching / mentoring sessions for deeper clarity and consistent momentum (45 min)
  • Weekly Play Labs (Optional)

    Join free Play Labs virtual co-working sessions for implementing mini-quests in a "big love, high joy" community

Completion Ritual

  • Completion Pack

    Fill in Completion Pack before last session to capture and celebrate your growth
  • Completion Session

    Review entire journey and co-create a rest stop and springboard for your next iteration of freedom (45 min)
  • Grad Pack (optional)

    Purchase single sessions as needed for clarity or momentum tune-ups (45 min)


Women who are free will set the world free.
– Ellany Lea