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Our tribe of women liberators, founders, overachievers and trailblazers share
their hard-earned wisdom and real talk on the glory beneath the sh*t behind the success curtain.

Ally co-creates individuals that liberate themselves through strength, thought and heart. She is a liberator.

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89 UN countries visited

False advice being taught in her industry?

That higher education is absolutely necessary for success.

What's next for her?

Teaching Risk Management and Aerial Silks in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Nathallee co-creates mind-body connection through intuitive massage that liberates the inner peace and joy of the tired & weary. She is a liberator.

What used to terrify her?

Heights. I never used to be able to stand on a chair. So I jumped out of a plane. I am no longer afraid to stand on a chair. lol

F*ck this shit moment

That moment was the day I was going to commit suicide at the age of 16yrs old, because I couldn't take the constant abuse I had endured at home.

Jennifer is a Founder / Community Manager / Blogger / Freelance Writer / Membership Site Host / Retreat Organiser / Girlfriend. She is a liberator.

F*ck this shit moment 

I ditched my science career and went travelling instead which turned into a full-time nomad lifestyle

Most impactful book/podcast

At the moment it's The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F**k by Mark Manson

Sarena is an Entrepreneur / Community Builder / Business Developer / Saleswoman / Dancing Queen / Singer / Creator / Curious Cat. She is a liberator.


Being forced to become fully financially and emotionally independent since the age of 16.


I quit my 6-figure salary job and became location independent while simultaneously navigating my entrepreneurship journey.

Jenn is an Author / Founder / Editor / Writer / Cat Mom. She is a liberator.

first published book

The Secret Lives of Introverts: Inside Our Hidden World

F*ck this shit moment 

I left a marriage, city, and career when they weren't making me happy.

Best advice received

Anyone who does something interesting is going to be criticized. Forget the haters.

Elisa is a Founder / Creative Genius / Fashion Designer / Brand Marketer / Traveller / Runner / Life Partner / Friend. She is a liberator.

She used to be scared of...

To be myself. To be vulnerable and imperfect. To be brave.

One of the Hardest moments in your life?

In business, when I decided to move from a successful brick and mortar to a online business model because I wanted more freedom.

Lisette is a Mindreader / CEO / Mentor / Sounding Board. She is a liberator.

Advice to 13 year old self

Grades don't predicate if you are going to be successful, kind or ambitious

Best advice received

Life is not a dress rehearsal. It's the show, so make it count.

What is your business about?

Study abroad programs to Spain designed for young women in college.

Maria is a Professional Coach / Business Owner / Coach Trainer & Certification Supervisor / Tango Dancer / Seamstress / Fountain Pen Lover. She is a liberator.

What is your business about?

I help women entrepreneurs take their business to the next level without selling their soul

F*ck this shit moment 

Being layed off by my company and being left by boyfriend at the same time

Megan is an Actress / Radio DJ / Documentary Filmmaker / Comedy Improviser / Professional Emcee / Writer / Public Speaker / Firestarter / Ferociously Proud Sister and Aunt. She is a liberator.

Most impactful book

Anam Cara: a book of Celtic Wisdom" by John O'Donohue

F*ck this shit moment 

I buried my mom, left the man I'd been engaged to and started the process of exhuming my broken spirit.

Milena is a Founder / Author / Coach / Speaker / Trainer / Wife / Artist. She is a liberator.

FIRST Published BOOK

10,000 Miles for Love

One of the Hardest moments in your life?

On my first trip abroad - to Kenya - I was in a bus accident. One friend I knew died. We were in the middle of the dessert at 2AM. No ambulance came. We sat on the sidewalk next to the bus until sunrise.

Lisa is a Founder / Writer / Creative / Marketer / Researcher. She is a liberator.

Country counter

109 UN countries visited!

F*ck this shit moment 

I filed for divorce and handed in my notice at my job on the same day.

Best advice received

People telling me that I can't do things then I prove them wrong.

Grace is a Writer / Performer / Producer / Manager / Leader / Administrator / Motivator / Visualizer / Girlfriend / Cat Mom. She is a liberator.

Mastermind Topic

Live a Life Less Ordinary - Hacks from Life That Learned Me Good

She used to be scared of...

Letting people love me and take care of me.

One of the Hardest moments in your life?

My parents' separation when I was 22.

Georgina is a Surfer / Entrepreneur / Feminist / Hippy / Lesbian / Traveler. She is a liberator.

F*ck this shit moment 

I metaphysically burned “my” flag when the UK invaded Iraq, especially after 2 million Brits had said “We don't want this!” And they were ignored.

Advice to 13 year old self

Remember we are a tiny part of the Universe and not to take this life too seriously.

Ellany is a Success Coach / Lifestyle Mentor / Psychotherapist / 100+ Countries Digital Nomad / Shenanigan Enabler / Daring Way Facilitator trained by Brené Brown / Antigravity Yoga Instructor / Digital Wizard. She is a liberator.

She used to be scared of...

Shining too bright therefore losing "friends"

F*ck this shit moment 

Had a flash-forward of a miserable cookie-cutter life, left narcissistic ex-partner, moved half way around the world, started my first business.

Lisa Serice is a Singer / Songwriter / Performer / School teacher / Fitness practitioner / Certified AntiGravity Yoga instructor.

dumbest thing you ever did (or almost did) to fit in?

Believing that being a grown up or responsible meant being serious all the time.

What’s a “fuck yeah! I did it!” moment?

When the band hit the first chord of my song Storm in the recording studio. I cried like a baby.


Erin Sullivan is an end-of-life care practitioner / hospice volunteer / children's author / advocate / meditation facilitator / yoga instructor / author / expert napper / deep encourager.

What are you most proud of?

Continuing to open my heart, in the face of much loss and leaving my marriage

Describe “the hardest year”?

Illness, immense loss, extreme depletion (emotionally, physically), divorce, heart and soul breaking, acceptance, healing, light

Linda Kash is a TV director / Movie actress / Stage actress / Comedian / Writer / Radio co-host / Co-founder of the Peterborough Academy of Performing Arts / Improv teacher / Mom / Warrior.

What was the dumbest thing you ever did (or almost did) to fit in?

Thinking e-Harmony was a good idea

What is your longest standing regret?

That I choked for my 'Frasier' audition for Roz. Like to do that one again

Jobina Bardai is a Dancer / Choreographer / Coach / Teacher / Magic-maker / Wanderer / Explorer / Friend / Sister / Daughter.

What was the dumbest thing you ever did (or almost did) to fit in?

Lol, I don't think I ever did this. I am usually doing dumb things to stand out!

What’s a “fuck yeah! I did it!” moment?

Moving to Berlin without knowing a soul, with just one bag, my teddy bear and almost non-existent German