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Greetings from the Congos!

I know the value of nature: it heals, it grounds, it reconnects. But man oh man, nature is freakin' LOUD in this part of the world!!! Not a moment's peace between the 5am laments of mosques, the nightly rave of crickets, the Wall Street floor of crows during the day and the shouting of preachers in between. The countries in this Congolese region are unquestionably extroverted!

Even so, and despite "overlanding tiramisu" (caked layers of sunscreen, sweat, dirt, bug spray, more sunscreen, more sweat, more dirt, more bug spray), I’m still in awe.

Awe (n.)
Moment of grace, synchrodestiny, enchantment, oneness, and pure ease.

Awe is limitless and fuels my heart's dream for a liberated world where every girl, every woman is safe to exist and to self-express.

Not because patriarchy or even partnership have given her permission to exist or to self-express. Not because they made the external world safe for her. But because she has done "the work" to feel safe on the inside.

When she's done the work, the world shifts on its axis and becomes a safe and creative place for her to speak her mind, launch her programs, give her talks, create her masterclasses, without fear of witch burning or crucifixion. 


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Awe Story no. 5 • How The Veil of SCARCITY Lifted

I once sat at the Kuala Lumpur airport, eating a teriyaki chicken rice bowl. I was interrupting my Exquisite Freedom Tour (16-countries in 16-weeks) to return home for my baba’s funeral.

All of a sudden, I hear "chk chk chk chk chk" sounds. Louder and louder, faster and faster. It was like the sound of pebbles being poured out of a fish tank. I looked around, no one else seemed to be experiencing this.

My eyeballs didn’t see anything, but I felt/saw hundreds of tiny black pebbles lifting off my shoulders, like champagne bubbles in the air. Then more lifting off my underarms. Then even more black pebbles lifting off my rib cage. 

Being a calm person and a modern mystic, I didn’t freak out. I let it all take place. This is by far not the first, or the last "freaky" experience I'd have. Some time later, my lungs took the deepest inhale of its life.

Eventually, when the sound and lifting subsided, I asked, “What was that?!?” Instantly, even before I finished asking the question, I knew the answer! The black pebbles were pieces of scarcity that had dislodged themselves in my body / energy field through DNA and intergenerational trauma. 

As scarcity pebbles lifted away from me, I felt freer than any amount of residual income could ever do (and I've enjoyed up to $4,500/month of residual income, working 1 hour a month). As the pebbles continued to lift for a prolonged period of time, I also understand that I was clearing not only my body/energy field's scarcity, but I was clearing my dad's, my mom's, my entire lineage's scarcity. 🤯 That's A LOT of work for one little girl!!!

I sat there in awe. I just witnessed eons and eons of intergenerational trauma and scarcity, passed through nature and nurture, lifting away! Awaaaaaay!

My tears flowed into my chicken teriyaki, so soulfully proud that it all ends here, with me. No more trauma, no more scarcity will be passed down from me. It ends here. ✋🛑 With me.

Whoever could have imagined or conjured up that my liberation from scarcity would happen over a teriyaki chicken bowl (when I used to eat chicken) thanks to and within 24 hours of dad passing away. Who knew chicken katsu don could lead to scarcity eradication!!! I mean, what were the chances?!? #awe

What role does scarcity play in your life/business? Do you believe everything it says? If so, you'll have a tough time thriving as a freedompreneur.


Awe Story no. 6 • How the Diminisher Died

I arrived in San Salvador Dec 24 and hoped to hike the Cerro Verde volcano, to admire the teal lagoon inside the crater. Miraculously, my AirBnB host arranged a ranger to escort me and a French family up the volcano on Christmas day, when the National Park was officially closed.

I was so grateful the French family had kids so we hiked slow. I'm not a hiker. To me, hiking is like forced march. There's 99 things I'd rather do than hike. Something propelled me to go anyway!

When I got to the top, my lungs inhaled the fresh cool hair. My eyes soaked in the majestic 360 view of smouldering volcano cones. And in an instant, big clumpy tears fell out. It took a moment to identify why.

I had accidentally travelled 56 countries in 52 weeks and was now standing on top of the world, on top of country no. 104! And I accomplished it all so gracefully. I ate healthily, slept abundantly, worked wisely fewer hours and earned more than the year before, while knowing transcendental love and keeping in touch with my besties.

That invincible feeling of having accomplished something superhuman, I’d never felt it before, never truly acknowledged it with my mind, body, heart and soul. It was sweet, sweet nectar for the soul to recognise and feel the invincibility!

And then, boom, aha clarity: my clumpy tears were tears of grief. I was saying goodbye and grieving the death of my inner Diminisher.  He'd been with me as long as I can remember. Mr. Diminisher, the twin brother of Mrs. Hyperachiever love to gang up on me and devalue everything that I do.

They sound like this, “Pfff, 104 countries, pu-lease, that is peanuts and small potatoes. Some have been to all the countries. Twice!” I like to think that on the epic day, I chucked Mr. Diminisher into the 60C lagoon inside the volcano crater. May he RIP.

What where the chances that a savvy AirBnB host would lead to the death of Mr. Diminisher? #awe

How is your inner Diminisher devaluating the grandeur of your achievements? No true freedompreneur can succeed while dragging a Diminisher along.


Awe Story no. 7 • How the Original Wound was Healed

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Awe Story no. 8 • The EGG TARTS of Love

I’ve always been drawn to the ocean. I know that I was once the sea. So after I had legally changed my first and last name, I celebrated my birthday in Lisbon, with two Portuguese egg tarts, right at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. I took a selfie with my egg tarts and posted on Fb my rejoicing in the little things.

When I got home, I had 104 private messages (not comments, but actual messages), from real life loved ones, wishing me love and joy… and telling me that I am love and that I am joy.

That just about ripped me in two. I cried so hard because for the first time, I recognised that I was finally able to let love in, to receive love. I'm masterful at giving love, over-giving even, but to receive it has always been impossible. I’d been working diligently for 3 years on receiving love, ever since my heart cracked open on the Westerbeck bench (see Awe no. 1). 

I cried and cried and cried, because love was soooooo foreign to me... that it physically hurt. Feeling love physically hurt.  It's like feeling grief for the first time, it's so overwhelming and new that it hurts so deeply to the core of my being.

Thinking back, half those tears shed were not for me. Most of them were for every little girl who was raised and conditioned with 0% capacity to receive love. And the other half was for every broken-hearted woman who had to pour mountains of resources to healers, counsellors, therapists, coaches and mentors to learn the skill of receiving… until love hurt no longer. Sniff. 

Who knew that Mark Zukerberg/Facebook + two egg tarts would lead to: the validation of my 3 years of diligent work to be able to receive love in a way that doesn't physically hurt me?!? #awe

What's your capacity to receive? Not just love, but prosperity, serendipitous opportunities, magical resources, empowering champions?


What where the chances?!?

What are your moments of “what were the freakin’ chances?!?”? I thought I had a dozen stories of awe to sure, but as I free write, I ended up with about 50. I bet you've got a heap of awe stories that you have yet to tell! ♥︎




💎  Reclaimed my true abundant nature free from intergenerational scarcity


💎 Reclaimed my power as a modern mystic and alchemist


💎 Reclaimed my invincibility


💎 Reclaimed freedom from The Diminisher


💎 Reclaimed self-love and the ability to celebrate my success


💎  Reclaimed my birthright to receive love



With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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